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Why can't I connect to the Internet with my iPod touch?

Question: I own the iPod touch but am having difficulty getting a wifi signal. How do I get around this?

Answer: The iPod touch gives you wireless access to the web, but only if you're in range of a wifi access point.

From Apple's web site: "iPod touch finds wireless networks and connects you to the Internet". That can be a little misleading to some people, especially since not everyone knows that most wireless networks only have a range of a few hundred yards.

Not all wifi networks allow free Internet access either. Many wifi centers like Starbucks or McDonald's charge you 2 or 3 bucks for the connectivity, which can add up quickly!

Here's how to connect to the Internet with an iPod touch:

Assuming you have a wifi network at home, or are near a wifi hotspot, go to Settings and then Wi-Fi on your iPod touch.

Choose your Network, and enter a Password if prompted, and you should be connected to the internet. Note: Make sure the password you enter is the password for the wifi network and not the password for your computer.

If you don't see a network in the list of networks, then you might not be in range of any wifi access points.

Connecting to Commercial Networks (hotels, cafes, etc)

If you're trying to connect to a cafe wifi like Peet's Coffee, or a hotel wifi network like The Hilton, then you'll usually need to agree to their Terms & Conditions before they'll let you access the internet or check email.

Open Safari and try to visit a web site like google.com and you'll see their terms and conditions page. Accept the terms (and pay any usage fees if applicable) and you should be able to get online.

Try renewing the DHCP lease

If you are having issues connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, like at an airport or coffee shop, try renewing your DHCP lease.

1. Tap Settings >> Wi-Fi Networks, then tap More Info () next to the network.
2. In the DHCP panel, select the Renew Lease button.

Try forgetting the network

Sometimes it's possible to resolve itouch/iphone network issues by removing the network connection and letting the device recognize the network from scratch.

Follow the same steps above for opening network settings, but click "Forget Network" to delete the connection.

Wait for your iTouch to disconnect and then reconnect.

Additional Tips:

UPDATED: Check out the first comment on this post that discusses DNS settings for getting your iTouch working using OpenDNS (and thanks a million to the person who posted it - you've helped thousands of readers get their iTouch connected!)

Here are a few other things to try (taken from Apple's support page):

  • Check the website for the manufacturer of your router/Wi-Fi access point to see if you have installed the latest firmware/software update for your router/Wi-Fi access point.
  • If you have more than 1 WEP key configured on your router/Wi-Fi access point, try deleting the other WEP keys and just have 1 WEP key configured on your router/Wi-Fi access point.
  • Try resetting your router.
  • Try turning OFF wireless security on the router/Wi-Fi access point such as encryption and enable your SSID to be broadcast to try and isolate the issue.
  • As a last resort, consider performing a factory restore/reset of your Wi-Fi access point.

After last week’s review of the iPod Touch, emails have been pouring in about Wi-Fi issues. I didn’t mention this in the review, but I did have an issue with the Wi-Fi. The issue at hand is when your connect to the internet at home or in the office. I would connect to the internet, and I would try to load a web page. I would get an error message.

After some searching around, I found that it might be a DNS (Domain Name Server) issue. Here’s why it’s important. You can only connect to a website if your computer knows its IP address. When you enter a website’s domain name (ie: wiredforgadgets.com), your computer or router uses a Domain Name System (DNS) server to search for the domain’s IP address. For example, when you enter google.com, the DNS server reports the IP address as If there is no working DNS server, domain names become useless.

Why is this happening? The iPod Touch and the iPhone (for one reason or another) is trying to use the network router as a DNS, which in some cases may not work. Technically though, the iTouch/iPhone is connected to the internet. By entering (the correct IP address for google.com) into Safari’s address bar, it bypass the domain and does not need a working DNS server . While this will verify that the Wi-Fi internet connection is working, it’s downright impossible to surf the internet without domain names. To correct this problem, the DNS settings must be changed.

You could fix this at your router, but this won’t help on other networks, so you may as well to this your iTouch/iPhone.

* Go to Settings.
* Select Wi-Fi.
* Chose a network.
* Select the blue arrow next to the network you are connected to.
* Select DNS.
* Change the IP Address to

The IP address is a service called OpenDNS, which not only is safer, but is guaranteed to work with any network anywhere.

The Catch-22 is that you have to do this with every new Wi-Fi you pick up that doesn’t work. It’ll remember past ones, but it won’t do it to new ones. I recommend writing down the IP Address and keeping it in your wallet for easy access.

Hopefully that solves everyones problems. Be sure to leave a comment if you have any more questions.

Change iPhone’s Wi-Fi DNS Settings to Connect to the Internet

WOW - thanks for the detailed information. Greatly appreciated! :-)

yea this really helped me when i change the dns

is there a way to perminately fix this problem or do you have to fix it every time you find a network and it doesnt work?

Wait what do you mean DNS and how do i change the IP address from there it won't let me select it?
plz reply .... better yet PLZ HELP!

I wish I hadn't spent $400.00 on this thing. It would sure be nice to use the internet feature at home.But I've been trying for almost a year.Punched in all those addressess that folks said worked like a charm.I take the ipod with me everywhere in the hopes I may find a plac to use it for web access.That really sux.I've talked to Apple folks and they look at me like I'm an idiot cause it's all so simple. Bullshit.

I agree. I have owned this for two years, and have just now been able to figure out how to get a song onto the thing when it is plugged into my computer. Have spent at least 100 hours over two years and no wifi yet! Worst gift I ever recieved.

It was working fine this morning and I was on myspace and facebook and youtube.
well I went to school and came home and tried to connect to linksys (which is the wifi thing my mom has in our home..so yes, its ours) and I clicked on it and it said "Unable to connect to linksys. Dismiss."
and i have full signal and everything.
please please help!?

Thats exactly like mine!!
Ill forget the network
turn it off
reconnect to the network but then it says unable to conect, so i try it about 6 times then it finally lets me and says full bars. when i try to get on the internet it says please connected to a wifi network. but when i look at the topcorner at my connection it still has full bars.

yeah i type some thing in and then it sits there for a whil then says"safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding

All my online apps like myspace, Yahoo, etc was working fine 6 hours ago. Now it shows i am connected to my network, all bars. It wont let me select the IP Adress. What should i do?

Omg it's work now, you're my hero, I've been trying to find a sollution for this for couple hours, but this is the only one that works. Btw its only work for safari though, not for another apps that requires wifi.

i did it and i thought it was going to work but it just said loading and didnt stop until i canceled it.......what am i doing wrong???

Hey, that was helpful :) I've been trying to figure this out for a week now. Thanks!

oh my gosh

i couldn't connect to the internet or app store for weeks!
thanks to this, i can now start downloading again
Im sure many others appreciate this post too


ok so in my internet connection settings (when i click the blue arrow), it shows the "IP Address" box with numbers in it, the "subnet mask" with numbers in it, then the "router" box is EMPTY, the DNS i have it set to like you said. then the "Search Domains" box is EMPTY, and the "Client ID" box is also empty. and i cant connect to the internet even after doing those things. is it because those boxes are supposed to be filled in? please e-mail me at nick-burris@hotmail.com please!

Great posting. Simple and works immediately with no trouble. The surprise for me is that my iPod used to work with my home WiFi without configuring the DNS. But, for some reason, it stopped working today. Now it is working again. Thank you so much.

i am having the same problem, i couldn't connect to the internet even at my house with full bars, whenever i try to open safari it says that "safari cannot open page because it is not connected to the internet" please email me at im_not_omish@hotmail.com

thank you so much! for months, i've been trying to see why my internet all of a sudden stopped working on me whenever im at home.

@Anonymouse: But it won't allow me to select the DNS and IP address!!! Help here!

Hi, i have a big problem with my ipod touch internet. When i go on settings and wifi and i want to choose a network in "other" anny network appears. But the most special thing it's i am beside my router ant it's wont work :( please help me !!!

I wait for an answer!!


THANK YOU!! Such an easy fix for over a year of aggravation knowing I was doing the correct normal mechanisms to get the internet. THANK YOU!!! and screw Apple for not making this simple fix apparent on their web help or troubleshooting. Is it better for us to feel like we wasted our money buying it or for them to admit this is a glitch and provide a resolution.

Thanks a lot man!! Been trying to fix this for aaages!! Works now :D

I am having a strange problem. Idk what is wrong with it. but i am able to use the wifi from next door with no security and no problem. But when I try and connect to my wifi I put in my password and it says cannot join network! What is wrong with my iPod???

I have the ipod touch and everytime i try to connect to my wi-fi at home it say Unable to join the network "_______" . I know for a fact that i am putting in the correct password and this is a network i have previously been connected to. For some reason everything i try it just will not let me connect and i am starting to be infuriated.

well i did it, then i tried to go on the internet, it said "Cannot open page Safari cannot open this page because it is not connected to the internet." but it shows that i have a wi-fi connection what do i do ? PLEAAAAAAASE HELP ME (:

thank you
second try it accessed but does this slow your connection in anyway i mean normally is it faster ? and those who have trouble of changing dns just tap it at the right coner or keep taping it .

My ipod wont even show that there is wifi, but everything else in my house picks up wifi. The standby button and volume buttons on the ipod also do not work. The ipod has never been dropped or anything though.

I got confused when you said "select DNS" then you said "change IP adress to...". the DNS and IP are two different things right? Do I need to change the DNS as well as the IP adress? Please help. Im on my schools network but they booted me off by changing my ip adress making it impossible to connect.

Please Help! ihave a new ipod touch but when i try to connect to the internet it says it cannot find the server although it is recognising it in the wi-fi settings and the signal is strong.i can pick up a neighbours router which is not password protected and connect to the internet no problem.i also have a laptop and ps3 which also work fine.any suggestions?

That happens to me alot too
just reset your router or pull the power cord to you router
then plug it back in

This worked a treat. For some reason I just couldn't connect to internet or get emails on my iphone. It only just became an issue today and I've been using it for sometime without problems so I did the above and put in the Go to Settings.
* Select Wi-Fi.
* Chose a network.
* Select the blue arrow next to the network you are connected to.
* Select DNS.
* Change the IP Address to
Worked straight away. Thanks

Where do you input the "" into the DNS field or the IP address field. I used the DNS space and it didn't do anything, I wasn't even able to input the numbers into the IP space at all. What did I do wrong?

hi, i just got an ipod touch, and im trying to connect to my home internet which is wireless and has a router which is all working fine. when i search for local networks on the ipod, my wannadoo broadband comes up, but when i click it it asks me for a password, and ive tried my internet password, and also the wep key found on the router. Neither work and i dont know what to do now, can you help, thanks!

I have the exact same problem, any solution to this? I tried the DNS input idea but that didn't work as it continues to ask me for the correct password. I double checked my password and I am using the correct one, my wireless is working as I am using my laptop for this message.

"hi, i just got an ipod touch, and im trying to connect to my home internet which is wireless and has a router which is all working fine. when i search for local networks on the ipod, my wannadoo broadband comes up, but when i click it it asks me for a password, and ive tried my internet password, and also the wep key found on the router. Neither work and i dont know what to do now, can you help, thanks!"

If you are entering the correct password, but your router will not recognize it, then you have probably selected the wrong encryption method. Check what your router is using (WPA-2 is most common, but maybe you're using something else), and make sure your ipod is configured to connect with the same.

Had the same problem, had tried every password with no luck. Finally called home service (which happens to be ATT) and after hearing the whole story, they tell me to try my 10 digit telephone #. I tell them the password wanted is only 8 digits and not 10. Makes no difference, they say, try the tele #. So I type it in, it takes the first 8 digits and Voila!!!! I'm on the net! Try it, it may just work for you too. Good luck.

I had the same issue, the password for the itouch was not working,It was the correct password, it is written on the physical router, when i put the password it dit not work. (The password was in the physical rounter itself. ) I would work when i was in other places, for example at the apple store. I had no problem. But was not able to acces it at home, i always got the same message, bad password. Finally, I just went to the router and hit the reset button and It works now. I hope this helps someone, I was with this issue and no one could help me, until i tried this.

Hi guys, I need some help. I been trying to connect my ipod touch to the internet, but when I get to the step when it finds the linksys signal, and I tap it to connect, I get a message that says "unable to join the network". What do I need to do from there? I am new to this and I have no clue as to what to do! Please help!

I have a problem with my iPod touch 2G connecting to wifi. My iPod touch has 2.1.1 firmware. I am able to connect at home but not at work. My friend has firmware 2.1 on his touch. When we try to connect to the wifi at work using the same WEP Key password he can connect but I'm not able to. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to try?

How did get it to work?..please helpp mee
I tried it but nothing happened

ok well
i put that ip adrees in..
and when i go to go on the internet page it says cannot connect to blablabla. and it also says i cannot join


thanks so much! works like a charm!

I have an itouch and a blackberry pearl(with internet service) is there any way to connect my itouch to my blackberry so that I can access the internet on the itouch.

Did anyone answer your question of using the blackberry as a "dongle" internet connection to you ITouch?

I would like to do the same thing???

Please let me know.

i've tried the DNS thingy and it still says that the server has stopped responding!!! :"( please help!!!!

i've tried everything!!!


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