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How to transfer pictures from a RAZR phone to a PC

Question: "It seems like the only way I can get pictures from my phone to my computer is to email them, which costs about 75 cents a picture depending on the picture size (at least with my Cingular wireless service plan). Is there another way to transfer them?"

Answer: Yes, you can transfer photos from your Razr phone to your PC (or vice versa) without paying any wireless provider fees, using a USB data cable or a bluetooth connector.

Transfer Pictures To Your PC with a USB Data Cable

If you have a USB data cable or a bluetooth connector (discussed below), then you can transfer pictures, video, and ringtones from your phone to your computer. You'll need software to recognize your cell phone and handle the transfer with a USB data cable.

There are several affordable programs that will let you transfer photos, videos, and ring tones from your cell phone to your PC. They also let you copy them from your PC to your cell phone.

Motorola PhoneTools Motorola's PhoneTools software is built specifically for Motorola phones like the RAZR or the new KRAZR.

PhoneTools allows you to transfer photos and videos directly from your Razr phone to your PC (or from a PC to your Razr phone). The PhoneTools' Multimedia Studio and File Transfer Studio let you see all your photos, audio and video clips in the same window. You'll see your computer on the left and your phone on the right.

Copying photos from your RAZR phone to your PC is as easy as highlighting them in the right-side window (representing your cell phone) and dragging them over to your file system on the left-side window. That's it - very easy to do. Click for full size image of the Motorola Phone Tools software

You can also go the other way, and transfer existing pictures from your PC to your phone. The usb cable it comes with charges your phone while it's plugged in, and there's even a ring tone mixer that makes it easy to personalize your phone with custom ring tones.

Don't get the PhoneTools software directly from Motorola though (they charge $49.99, which is way too much IMHO).

You can get the Motorola PhoneTools software from Amazon for about half the retail price. That's a much more reasonable price for being able to easily transfer photos from your RAZR phone to your PC, and it's a program you'll use all the time.

Have a cell phone other than the Motorola RAZR?

Windows XP or Windows Vista don't come with software to recognize your phone and handle the file transfer, so you'll need a copy of DataPilot, which works with all major phone types.

Fire up DataPilot, and plug one end of the usb data cable into your phone and the other end into the usb port on your computer. DataPilot will display a list of the existing photos, ring tones, and videos on your cell phone. Select the pictures on your cell phone that you want to move, and click the transfer button to copy them over to your PC.

You can also copy the other way, and use DataPilot to transfer photos or ring tones from your computer to your cell phone.

Transfer Pictures To Your PC Using BlueTooth

If you'd rather stay wireless, then a BlueTooth adapter is your ticket.

Bluetooth has a 30-foot range, so you don't even need to have the phone right by you to be able to transfer files to it. In fact, you can keep your phone in your briefcase or backpack and still have no problems connecting to your laptop with Bluetooth.

Assuming you have purchased a Bluetooth adapter like the one shown above, then you'll need to pair your phone with your computer so they can speak to each other over the Bluetooth protocol.

I've provided detailed instructions for pairing a bluetooth device here. The menu options specific to a RAZR phone are as follows:

Settings --> Connection --> BlueTooth Link --> Setup --> Find Me

You only need to pair your cell phone to your computer once. After that, your phone will be automatically recognized when you plug in the bluetooth adapter and have your phone within range.

Once your computer and phone recognize each other, you can select photos from your phone and transfer them to your PC. To send a file from your computer to your phone, just right click the file, choose the "Send by Bluetooth to" option, and then select your phone as the recipient.

Excellent article. Thank you for sharing this information, it's very clear and just what I was looking for.

hi, i've have been trying and trying to transfer but after readinding your articles it was so helpful and clear to understand. i just want to thank you for the advice and for all your help.

I have a Sony Ericsson Walkman slider and I cannot upload the photos to my computer. I have a Windows Vista, btw. On my old computer [and XP] I could download them without a problem, and on here it says "No new pictures to be downloaded". What's the problem? How can I fix this?

Hello, I have a RAZR V3 and I bought a USB cord for it. I want to get the pictures off of my phone to the computer, and I just downloaded Motorola Driver Installer and Motorola Software Updates.
I plugged in my phone to the computer once I did that and the little balloon that popped up said that my device was ready to use, but now I can't find it. Is there anything that I'm missing, and can you help me?

Thank you sooo muuch,

I have spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to transfer photos from a Verizon Razr v3m to our PC. I have concluded that:
1) I cannot use Motorola Phone Tools with a Verizon phone for photo file transfers
2) Verizon locks the phones so there is no way to download the pix without using their fee-based transfer service.

I am correct?

That's correct to the best of my knowledge, and is consistent with what others are reporting.

nice tutorial bro, and btw, cant you just download the Motorola tools for free?

Dude im trying to send pics i got off the internet to my cell phone...how do i do that?
i have a LG Shine and AT&T service plan....

can u help my out??

oh and can you send the info to my email....thanks alot xoxoxo

I have accidentally deleted some photos when attempting to transfer them from my Razr phone to my pc. are they lost for ever?

I have phone and the cord but still tells me i need a program or software


I've tried to remove pre-installed pictures from my razor because I don't like some of them and want the space but it won't let me. Do you know of a way to get this done?

I am confused after reading through people's comments. This site says that it will explain "How to transfer pictures from a RAZR phone to a PC." People's comments say that this is not possible with a Version RAZR phone. Aren't all RAZR phones with Verizon service? I have a Verizon Razr v3m that I am trying to get pictures off of because I have upgraded to a new phone. I have Phone Tools with the file transfer option all set up. Phone Tools will not show any of the pictures on my phone though? Am I able to transfer these pictures to my PC any way at all like this article says that we can? Or is the only possible way to get this to work by paying to have them transferred?

do you have to have the softwere or can you use it without it? i have my USB cable just, not the softwere && where can you get the softwere anyway?

Don't forget. Even if you have a Verizon phone with a Memory Card slot you can usually move your pictures and videos to the card and then use a card reader to pull off the images/videos from the card.

If you have a phone with a memory card and it isn't Verizon you may also be able to put the phone in Memory card mode. Which is essentially a card reader and connect to the PC for usb transfer.

Start > Settings > Connections > USB Settings > Memory Card

Connect via USB cable, Double click on My computer, Look for Removable Disk > Double Click > Find your Files > Drag and drop to your computer.

Good Luck!


Just for the heck of it I turned the Bluetooth on my old Razor and then Discovered it using my MAC. File/Folder window appeared after pairing the two devices and I pulled everything over.

No extra software needed, no nothing. I was surprised. Not sure if maybe new versions of the windows OS with Bluetooth can do this, but I can say that Mac OS X can for sure. It'd be interesting to see if a Windows based laptop can.

Again, no extra software required. It just dropped all the images and videos into a folder of my choice. If you know someone with a Mac (with bluetooth), have them rip the phone and throw the stuff on a thumb drive or a burnable CD for you.

I have been trying all afternoon and well into this evening to get MPT installed on my Windows XP OS laptop so I can transfer pics from my phone to my laptop. MPT can't find my phone. All I get is "Initializing... please wait." On and on. So far, I am not impressed. I got the program from WirelessEmporium, but they do not respond to MPT queries. Wassup?

I have a razr (m). if i save a picture to my phone and it is no longer in the camera, how do i get it to my computer i cant find it using motorola phone tools.

Hi I brought Motorola v3m with sprint connection. I have saved my photo's in to phone memory. When I was trying to transfer them using Phone Tool Software, phone memory was not showing . Can you please help me out from this.

i've connected my phone and computer using bluetooth. I can now send photos back and forth. However, when I try to send a photo from my phone to another phone using MMS it doesn't go. Of course it always used to. What do you think? Thanks

I have downloaded "Motorola Phone Tools? but when I go to use it all I get is the following message on my pc screen: "Motorola Phone Tools has not detected your mobile phone" and on the phone I get an error message: memory card missing. What is going on, did I do something wrong? Cannot get this to do anything.

okay - do I need to buy ANOTHER usb connector specifically for the razr v3r ?

I have one for a KODAK easy share camera.

I have not been able to email pictures from the razr v3r to my
email address -


You don't need to buy another usb data cable - any cable that fits that slot will do the trick (such as the one for your kodak camera as long as it fits the slot).

You will however need the phonetools software to communicate between your phone and your PC.

Ricky, Hi. It's great that you take the time to do all this! I just sent a picture via e-mail from my (orig) Cingular (now AT&T) phone to a friend in California (I'm in PA). THANKS, it was quite simple (I actually stored the address in my phone book first). [Had already tried to do through the phone e-mail, but that doesn't allow attachments].

Now for my question, how can I get my adapter to work on vista (32) pc?

I originally told my friend to send the picture to my phone because I have a bluetooth adapter (targus acb-10) and have software on my XP machine. That machine has power supply issues, so I got the pic to the PC, but will probably have to wait another week until it will stay on long enough for me to transfer the pic to her via e-mail.

So I loaded the targus disk to the vista machnine, had to go to broadcom to download a version of the software compatible with vista (digitally signed), then had to hunt for drivers for the actual adapter. The one on the targus website is for a newer version of the adapter - so that driver didn't work. My vista machine and phone have already met and connected/bonded; won't let me transfer anything because there isn't a driver for the actual adapter. I have a question in at the Targus website, though they haven't gotten back to me.

Is there anything 'generic' I can do to make this work?

I have a Verizon Motorola phone, and a USB cable, hooked it to my pc, it downloaded through a wizard then went away, no icon, nothing found under the program list through the start tab, don't know how to access the program to get photos, they r still on camera phone

I have the motorola phone tools for my razor-it shows up on my pc but does not show the multimedia studio = only sync,phnbk,calendar,text and internet conn --I need to activate new phone but want pics of of this old one..Am I missing something in the setup?-Thanks

I can transfer photos from my Razor to my iPhone via Bluetooth, and then directly from iPhone to my computer. That's one solution if you have a friend with an iPhone.


Hi, Rick:

I do have a Motorola Razor V3 and the Motorola Phone Tool software.

I do transfer back and forth between the phone and the computer.

However, I can not transfer the pictures sent to me as messages.

I can see them on my phone, but I have not idea how to transfer them.

And the MMS tool is only to create customized multimedia messages (MMS) to be sent to a contact.

Any idea?



I just came from AT&T store and ask how do I get my pics to my PC.
.I have a me330 and they told me to look for any RAZOR phone and download specs.and try that. so HELP me find the download to transfer my photos.

Motorola Phone Tools does not work with razor v3. The Multimedia Icon fails to appear as an option. When I called Motorola they said its phone service carrier restrictions that are the prob..w/e the f that is!!..I'm disgusted and out $20. Bottomline...no pictures can be transferred from phone to pc with this product


I just found your site. My Razr V3 from ATT finally died (the pin on the side of the hinge fell out and loosened the cables inside). Would I be able to transfer photos/videos using Phone Tools, as you described above, if the phone is not able to be turned on?

Thanks! I have many precious files of loved ones I'm trying to save on this phone.

how do I get my pictures off my motorola RAZR that is not turned on (Active with t mobile) trasferd to my computer?

I have one of those LG Verizon slide phones, the kind with the full keyboard (dont know model or make), and I can't seem to find the 'connection' thing in my settings, and when I try to send pictures, it doesnt say Bluetoothe, just pict. message or online album or e-mail.

hello rick....can u pls tell me how can i save images from net to my nokia c5-00 directly

Ricky, I have tried multiple web sites and loaded or down loaded a number of drivers, have installed bluetooth and a dongle and have tried using a data cable, but all it is capable of is charging my phone.

I have been able to have computer and phone recognize each other, but unable to transmit files (photos). Will Data Pilot and the data cables that you have displayed on the website solve my dilema?? Are these data cables different than the standard one I have. I noticed some are marked for LG, which is what my phone is. Explain the difference of Camel and Elephant

My phone is an LG 290c with 1.3 mpcamera.

I hope you can solve my problem.


The phone whose photos I want to transfer to my computer is no longer active. Will the above solutions work on a phone with no phone service? I did not realize I could not transfer my photos to a new phone just like my address book until too late.

The article appears to be very helpful and easy to understand.

Thank you.

I have a razor phone model V3m H/W O, can you please tell me what software I need for this phone. I want to put the pictures on the phone on my laptop. I just got my first one it is a Gatewayne56r48u with intel b960 processor. My wife told me the first problem is that its a Gateway, I know nothing about computers just wanted one to put some pictures from my razor on and have excel and word. The salesman said it had all of that and yes with a usb cable the picture transfer would be a snap. Maybe I am snapping wrong.


Or you can simply drag from Razr phone on computer and drop into picture library (Windows 7).


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