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Are there any web hosts that support PHP, Java, and ASP?

Most web hosting providers include free website template building software to help the average non-programmer build a web site, such as SiteBuilder or the CoffeeCup software suite that Lunarpages offers. These are great tools that can help you get your new web site up and running very quickly.

However, if you want to customize any of your web pages with some dynamic behavior then you'll need to know a web programming language like PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, or Ruby. For example, let's say you want to make some money from advertisements on your web site. A common practice is to use an ad banner rotation script that displays a different advertisement every time the page is refreshed.

The most common web programming language that's supported by the majority of web hosting providers is PHP. This is a widely supported programming language that's used to build millions of web sites, including this one. You won't have any problems finding a web host that supports PHP, and all of the web hosts listed in my Web Hosting Provider Comparison support PHP.

You'll have a little harder time finding a web host that supports ASP or Java however, and especially Ruby although it's starting to become more popular. ASP is Microsoft's popular scripting language that uses Basic syntax, and Java is Sun's creation.

Here's a list of web hosting providers and the programming languages that they support:

Web Host PHP Perl Ruby ASP/
Blue Host
IX Web Hosting

* Last updated June 27, 2007

Choosing a web host that supports a wide variety of programming languages is a wise choice, because it increases your chances of finding a web developer who can help you customize your site.

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