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Leave the charger at home with USB batteries

I've been doing a little more travel lately for my new job, and I'm getting pretty good at slimming down what I lug around in my laptop case. Every electronic gadget I bring adds a few ounces to my laptop case, and they each add up to a sore shoulder while rushing to catch connecting flights.

A couple of them require AA batteries, like my mouse and laser pointer, and rather than lugging a bunch of alkaline batteries around the world, I found these rechargeables from the Cell Phone Shop.

They're NiMH AA cells that can be used in normal battery applications and can be recharged simply by plugging into a USB port with the built in USB interface.

These USB Cells can be charged easily at work, on the go, or at home - anywhere there's a computer or laptop with a USB port.

This is one piece of technology that is sure to come in handy for the traveling road warrior, or for anyone concerned about saving the environment by reducing the number of dead batteries that get thrown into disposal areas each day across the world.

Cell Phone Shop - 80% off

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