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Transfer ring tones to a Samsung Instinct

Question: How do I access files on my Samsung Instinct using a USB data cable, or how do I put ring tones on my phone that are on my computer. Also, what folder do i put them in, and what format should the ring tones be in?

Answer: Sprint provides a Media Manager program that lets you retrieve, manage, and synchronize your pictures, video and music between your PC and the Samsung Instinct. You'll be able to use Media Manager to transfer ring tones from your PC to your cell phone, and it will automatically put them in the right place.

You can also assign a different ring tone to each of your contacts, so you can give your significant other a special ring tone that lets you know who is calling even before you look at the caller ID (or you could know it's your boss and could send the call to voice mail before accidentally answering it).

1.Update your phone's firmware

The latest version of Media Manager addresses an issue experienced with the inability to activate the application upon first time use. To take advantage of this fix in media manager, you must have the latest version of firmware installed on your Instinct.

You can check to ensure you have the latest firmware installed on your phone by going to Home >> Settings >> General >> Update Software. If you do not have the latest version, you will then be prompted with instructions to upgrade the firmware.

2. Download and install Sprint Media Manager

Once your firmware has been updated, then download the latest version of Sprint Media Manager from the download page:


Note: you'll need to click "More Details" on this page to view the download link.

3. Connect your phone to your PC

Once you've installed and ran the Media Manager program, then you'll connect your USB data cable to the Instinct's USB port.

4. Transfer files from your PC to your phone

The software will automatically recognize your phone and you can use the "Add Media" menu to import pictures, ring tones, or videos from your computer to your phone.

Here's a link to the Samsung Instinct User's Guide where you can find similar instructions on page 66.

5. Assign ring tones to contacts

Once the music files have been transferred from your PC to your Instinct phone, you can assign them as ring tones to your contacts.

Press the Phone Functions menu (looks like a Phone, and is located on the bottom right of the Instinct's screen) and then touch Contacts.

Select a contact and then click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil).

Scroll the page and select the Set Ringer field. Scroll through the available ring tones until you find the one you want.

Touch Done to save your selection and make that the ring tone for the contact you were editing.

hey hmm i did all of this and yes i can put music, videos, and pics.. but you cant put ringtones in it and if you can how do you do it?
first of all where did you get it from and how can i put it in the media manager so it would recognize it as a ringtone?

ya this does not work, I think Ricky here does not know what he is talking about. hey Ricky? if you are doing something special to the audio files or you have a different program that you use to put the audio files in to a special place on the phone then you should say so. Thanks

there are new rules about ringtones. They have to be loaded from a web site. I had already sent myself a MP3 file to myself and I still was not able to make it a ring tone on my cell phone. Have any idea's on what I can do. I have a LG Glimmer with a 4GB Micro SD card.

I HATE sprint phones because of their ringtone process. I would like to make my own ringtones and I never can with sprint phones. They will continue to loose customers because of their incompatible phones!

hey ricky how you doing i tried it this way for the instinct it's not working am i missing something ?

I uploaded music from itunes. Can you use those files as ringtones on the instinct phone? Because those files do not pull up when i go to someone as a "contact". Just the "stock" ringtones that were already on the phone

You can upload ringtones to your phone via a website calle myxer @ www.myxer.com, although you need a program to crop your mp3 files to 30-40 seconds. A good program to do this with is Audacity, but be careful you need to export the finished project as a mp3 and not simply save it, but this is fairly easy as there is an option to do so under the file menu.

This 'looks' good on paper, but alas it does NOT work. I also had someone tell me to upload the ringtone to my picture folder, then assign the 'picture' to the contact. This does NOT work either. Hopefully someone out there will figure this out. I love my Instinct phone, but I hate that I cannot put on 'free' ringtones.

anonymous on 2/23/09 said to use www.mxyer.com for ringtones. This is a simple process. Sign up and sign in (NO FEES). search for what ever you want (a few of the ringtones have fees DON'T PAY). If you want your own music, you can browse your computer from the main page of mxyer and select your own song. It will then put your song into a cropping area on the website where you can select the part of the song you want to use. Once this is done you can send it to your phone (only if you have internet). Select "browse" and it will take you to their website SELECT "download ringtone". Your song will now be downloaded to your phone for free. Good Luck

This is about as dead wrong as you can get. The author has given schmarmy advice on how to transfer music to the Instinct, and the formula is correct. But it is also trivial. The device does NOT provide a menu for setting rings from the music library - something this know-it-all could have found out simplyt by trying it. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than open it and prove it.

The information posted here was from the users guide for this device, but can you post instructions based on what you see on your phone?

i have the instincted and im jus wondering is there any way to get ringtones off my computer to my phone via usb.... even if i dont have internet on my phone?

the file has to be in a qcp file type for the phone to see the file as a ringer

I just signed up with sprint and I got the Instinct HD SPM-M850, I have downloaded every ringtone creator and uploader and tried to create my own ringtone for this phone. I can make the ringtone and upload it fine, when it is downloaded to my phone I get a message for the ringtone,( I have tried sending to the phone number and from the download site)I go to the link in the message and click the ringtone, the ringtone plays BUT there is NO WAY to save it to the Instinct HD.

I have come to the conculision that there is no way to get, make your own ringtones if you have sprint, So this phone is going back and I am canceling my contract, I WILL NOT PAY for stupid A** Rap and CRAP ringtones.
WHY doesn't these stupid A**es let you upload a home made ringtone to them and then sell it to you?

My great Niece is so cute at age 3 that I would like to have a ringtone with her saying Uncle ( ) this is ( ) calling, or Brother ( ) is calling, IN THEIR OWN VOICE, And yes I know they have really lame A**, stupid, brother calling ringtones that I willnot buy.

i figured out a way to get the pics uploaded onto the instinct but i still cant get the ringtones and shit i resently got my instinct flashed to cricket but me also when i go to the myxer site it only plays the song and dont download it if anybody know what the fuck is going on with this crappy ass sprint phone let me know

I have the Instinct HD SPM-M850 and I'm trying to find another way to get create my own ringtones. I've used myxer.com until I started getting an error message and could no longer get the ringtone. I found a website www.ventones.com and it worked for awhile. Then I started getting the text without a link. I tried other sites that you actually type the http;// links in the browser and it would play, but there was no way to save it. I came to the conclusion that when you in an application on your phone and the message appears saying updates are available, Do you want to download now? Click HELL NO! They see how much info you are downloading and come up with ways to STOP it. MORE MONEY FOR THEM BY ONLY GIVING YOU THE OPTION TO PURCHASE RINGTONES THROUGH THEM.
P.s If I find another way to download ringtones, I'll post it.

People, stop complaining about Myxer and how you can't get their ringtones to download because you didn't read their directions on how to do things with certain phones. Because you can't save music files from picture messages and use them as ringtones on the Instinct, they send a link to your ringtone to your phone. If you can't get it to send you the link, use the "Send it later" option instead of "Send ringtone". It will save it in "My stuff" that you can access directly from your internet browser on your phone. Go to Myxer's site in your browser, sign in, and go to my stuff. Your recently edited ringtones will be in there. Go in and download from there. Keep in mind recently edited stuff that's in My Stuff is only there for a couple days. They delete it for you.

i dont have anything except the usb port so i their another way i can put the ring-tones on my phone?

I had the previous Instinct and myxertones works fine. For everyone who is reading this... the problems is not having an Instinct... it's the Instinct HD (M850).

That version of the Instinct DOES NOT have a way to get ringtones onto it... myxertones, venttones. I don't know about Sprint, but I'm not paying $2.50 for a ringtone that I can only access for a month after purchase. That's just wrong. I've called Sprint and they say they have "never heard of this problem".

So if anyone cracks the code on the INSTINCT HD, please post it here. Thank you!

i think there is a software provided by samsung for transferring the ringtone from normal mobile samsung instinct

I just got the instinct Hd today.... And i can not figure out y i cant get ringtones.... On my other phone it let me but this one.... i plugged it up to my computer and it did download all the songs... BUT it put them in the music file and it wont let me assign them to my ringtones.... WTF!!!! How does this work!!!!????? If anyone knows whaT TO DO PLEASE E-MAIL ME CUZ I PROBABLY WONT FIND THIS SITE AGAIN.... BashingBarrels07@aol.com
Thanks, Kim

I have a Samsung HD Instinct and I JUST figured out how to get the ringtones to my phone. It is a long, pain-in-the-a$$ journey - but it can be done.
Here is the way:
Go to www.myxer.com (or whatever website you get your ringtones from).
Save the ringtone to your computer.
[On myxer.com set up a free acct and click "Get Ringtone" on the ringtone you want.
Enter your phone number and click "Next"
At the bottom of the next pop-up screen it says "Other Download Methods." Click "Download to PC"
Click "Download File" on the next screen.
Click 'Save' and save the mp3 file to your computer in Music, or my documents, etc.
Now you MUST go to: www.ventones.com and set up a free account
Click "Phone Uploader" from the left side of the screen.
Click "Browse"
Locate and open the mp3 ringtone filed you saved to your computer
Click "Upload"
Name the file whatever you would like next to "File name:"
Click "send to phone"
This next part is important:
You will receive a text message BUT it will not provide you with the link you need (at least for me it didn't).
The information you need is still on your computer screen.
After you click "Send to phone" a new screen will display a web address (http://wap.ventones.com/gcd/.....)
Access the web on your new Samsung Instinct HD.
Type that link out (long and annoying - I know)
An "Untrusted Warning" will be displayed saying "This is non-trusted file..."
Click "Continue"
Click "Set As"
Click "Contact ID" or "Voice Calls" or whatever.
This will save the ringer to your Samsung Instinct HD!
Now you can go "My Stuff" on your phone and "Ringers" and they will show up!!

hey it worked, thanks, the only think i did differently was send the link to by phone as a txt so i wouldn't have to type it all up and open it up that way

THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad somebody finally figured this out. I've had the Samsung Instinct HD for Sprint for about 3 weeks now and I haven't been able to figure out any way possible to upload free ringtones to this phone, until I read this post!!! If anyone else has the Samsung Instinct HD for Sprint and is having the same problem, this method works!!!!!!! :-)

Thanks Anonymous. You have made me a very happy man. Exhausted, but happy.

I followed your steps in detail, over and over, There is not warning message, just a website with the ringtone on it but no way to save it. I've also been to almost every website there is. I been to the Sprint Store where the associated said he was sure it could download ringtones cuz many of his friends have same phone. He made several calls only to look like an idiot and tell me what i already know. This phone really sucks, i paid like almost $400 for it and now in only a few months you can get it for less than a $100. Why? Cuz according to Sprint, it's not really a Smart Phone, as they advertised it to be.

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