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How to transfer photos from a Samsung Galaxy to your Mac

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 16 GB of memory, which is plenty to store thousands of high quality photos. Here are 3 ways to transfer those pictures to your Mac:

1. USB Cable with Mac's Image Capture app

When you plug the charging cable into the USB port on your Mac, the built-in Image Capture app will open up and ask you if you want to import the photos from your Galaxy. If this doesn't happen, then be sure to set the connection type to Camera instead of a Media Device, so that the Image Capture app will recognize your phone.

This approach lets you transfer multiple files in one shot, but does require a data cable.

2. Dropbox

Another easy way to transfer photos - or any type of files - is to install Dropbox on your computer and also get the Dropbox app on your phone. Dropbox is a cloud-based service that gives you 2 GB of storage space for free. To transfer a photo using Dropbox, find the photo and tap the menu bar and then tap the Share button. You'll see a list of sharing options, including Dropbox:

After you share the photo to Dropbox, it'll automatically be available to your laptop, which you can access using Finder. You can also just click on the Dropbox icon at the top of your screen:

Laplink Sync

The Dropbox approach works great for transferring a single file at a time, but if you want to transfer multiple files in one shot then you'll need to either user the USB data cable option mentioned earlier, or use an app like Laplink Sync.

Laplink Sync comes with software that installs on both your Mac and your Samsung Galaxy, and lets you transfer multiple files over a wireless network connection.

It lets you select photos, videos, and documents; and lets you transfer in either direction (from your Mac to your Galaxy, or from your Galaxy to your Mac). No data cables are required with the Laplink solution, and the file transfer is over a wireless network connection.

Click here to get the Laplink Sync software so you can transfer multiple pictures at a time.

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