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Transfer pictures from a Motorola W376g (KRAZR) to a PC

Question: I recently purchased a Motorola W376g camera phone from Tracfone, and I'd like to get pictures I took on it over to my computer. Is this possible?

Answer: The Motorola W376g from Tracfone is basically the Motorola KRAZR phone with the same built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. The KRAZR is a Bluetooth-enabled phone that has a USB port for file transfers between the phone and a PC using software like Motorola's PhoneTools or DataPilot.

However, these features are disabled on the Tracfone W376g for data transfer. The USB port is only used for charging the phone and Bluetooth is only enabled for connecting with hands-free devices.

Tracfone offers this phone at only $29.95 with no activation fees, and you purchase minutes for airtime (ie. you prepay for only the minutes you want/need). They've disabled the data transfer features and force you to use airtime instead.

You can still transfer pictures from your Motorola W376g phone to your computer by sending them as an email.

Sending photos from a Motorola W376g to a PC using email:

To do this, open the picture by clicking the main center/menu button on the phone and then selecting Multimedia -- Pictures -- Additional Storage Device. Scroll to find the picture and select Menu -- Send in Message.

You can enter an email address to send it to your computer, and it'll show up as a file attachment in your email inbox. You can also enter a phone number and send it to any other mobile device that supports picture messaging, including other Tracfone W376g phones.

Thanks Rick!
I've owned that phone for a long time and I remember being bummed out when I discovered that they disabled data transfer from the USB port. I never emailed a photo before until I read your post. It worked great!
Thanks again,

I followed the instructions and still did not work. I've tried the usb cables. still nothing. Any other ideas? I really like the phone. not sure if maybe it's the settings on the phone. had some issues when I got it, reconditioned, won't do that again.

The USB port on the Motorola W376 has been disabled you must email them through sending a message. Maybe go find a tracfone retailer and see if they can help you.

Tracfone W376G we tried to email a picture but the picture is 42.76kb and when we try to send it we get an error message: "reached size limit"
how can we reduce the picture and send it? what is the size limit?

Well, this was an interesting read. If TracFone doesn't enable owners to transfer easily from phone to PC, then why is a USB port included with the W376g? Jeez...

I recently 376g and I am kinda disapointed w/ it.not a bad price at $15.99 but i cant send picture emails to my e.mail or other phones, it deducts 1.5-3 minuts each time i try and send a pic then says error.I was on the phone 4x w/ trac fone and all they did was give me new codes to put in, but it still never worked. i really hope they resolve this problem.

I bought krazer also. cannot send pics to other phones or e.mails without a error, but it deducts time. i guess thats what i get for a $15.99 phone

Thanks for the step by step. Owners manual was not helpful and ended up wasting several minutes trying to send Pics. Thnaks again for the A++++ step by step.

I was getting message failed also. This is what finally worked for me:

1. Select email address from phonebook
2. Scroll to and highlight "Send Message"
3. Press the button below "Select"
4. Press the button below "Insert"
5. Scroll down to & highlight "Attachment" (instead of the tempting picture button)
6. Press the button below "Select"
7. Highlight "New Attachment"
8. Press the button below "Select"
9. Highlight "Picture"
10. Press the button below "Select"
11. Highlight "Additional Storage Device"
12. Press the button below "Select"
13. Scroll to your photo
14. Press the button below "Select"
15. Press "Back"
16. Press "Back" again - (you will now see the paperclip icon on the top of your message

area. The photo has been attached. Enter an optional message.
17. Hit "OK" (it will show message details page)
18. Hit "Send"

Thank you so much for your clear and concise solution to the problem of sending photos from this camera. This has plagued me for a long time and no methods have worked until I came across yours. You are a real life saver.

Thanks very much Rick !! I'm amazed that I google this specific question and have your answer instantly. My tracphone will be history when I have used the introductory 1000 minutes.

Why can't I receive phots from other people sending me pics from their cellphones? Is this not possible with the Motorola tracfone W376?

Why can't I receive phots from other people sending me pics from their cellphones? Is this not possible with the Motorola tracfone W376?

Is there a tracphone w/ camera that does not have date transfer disabled, & can be saved easily?

Is there a tracphone w/ camera that does not have data transfer disabled & can easily upload photos

I bought a new phone and now I can't access my old phones stored photos to transfer/ email them. Any ideas?

THANKS!!!! EASY!!!! Followed instructions, pics went thru first time. EASY!!!!!!!! THANKS

I have had trouble trying to send pics to my email, I lost 20 min today trying different ways. I finally turned my phone off and back on and sent 2 different pics succesfully. The 3rd try said it failed but it actually did send. Just wanted to let you guys know phone off and back on helped.

The instructions worked great. You do need to experiment some to attach the photo. For 22+ kb photo takes about 2-3 minutes.

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