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How to transfer movies to a Sansa Fuze

Question: I am trying to put some movies onto my Sansa Fuze, but I don't know how to go about doing this. Every time that i try, the file is either to big or something. Please tell me how to do this. Thanks you for your time.

I find that Sandisk's Sansa Media Converter makes life really easy when trying to put movies onto the device, once you are attempting to upload a supported format. The Media Converter takes your existing file and formats it to play on the device. Tricks to look out for are codecs. If you are trying to convert a certain format, having the appropriate codec preinstalled to the computer will be helpful. I have used Roxio Disc Copier to convert some of my DVD's into media files that can be uploaded to the Fuze via the Sansa Media Converter (divx, mp4). I have the 8GB fuze with a 4GB MicroSD card in it giving me 12GB total storage. I have just ordered a 16GB MicroSD card to make it 24GB total storage, plenty of room for a few movies and tons of music.

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