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Is there a way to export contacts from LinkedIn to Excel?

LinkedIn is currently the #1 Social Media Platform for Business People, and is used by 150 million members in 200 countries. It is one of my highest recommendations as a platform for promoting your career and connecting with business colleagues.

You can export your LinkedIn contacts into an Excel spreadsheet by following these easy steps:

1. Export your contacts from LinkedIn to a Microsoft Outlook CSV file.

Log into LinkedIn and find your Connections page, which is under "My Network" --> "Connections".

Then click the Settings icon (looks like a gear).

Click "Export LinkedIn Contacts" from the settings page.

Choose the default option which is "Microsoft Outlook (.CSV) file".

Save the csv file to your desktop or a folder where you'll remember it.

2. Import the Outlook CSV file into Excel.

Open up Excel and click the "File" --> "Open" menu. Find and open the CSV file you downloaded in the previous step. Excel will ask you a couple of questions about the file you're trying to import. Leave all the defaults on the first import screen, click Next and then on the second import screen choose "comma" as the delimiter.

Click Finish and you'll have all your contacts in an Excel spreadsheet.

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