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How to Connect to the Internet using a Tethered Cell Phone

Question: "My cell phone lets me browse the web, so it seems I should be able to use that connection from my laptop. Is there a way to connect my laptop to the Internet using my cell phone?"

Answer: Yes, you can use your cell phone's internet connection to browse the web on your laptop, by connecting your cell phone to your laptop with a USB data cable and software that handles the connection(also known as "tethering").

Here's what you'll need:

  • A web-enabled cell phone with a data plan (which you already have). If you can browse the web on your cell phone, then it's web-enabled already, but you still need to have a data plan with your wireless service provider (e.g. AT&T) in order to use your cell phone as a tethered laptop modem.
  • A USB data cable or a Bluetooth adapter. You'll use the USB data cable to connect/tether your cell phone to your computer, or the Bluetooth adapter to connect without any wires.
  • Tethering software like Mobile PhoneTools that uses your cell phone as an Internet connection for your laptop.
  1. Connect your web-enabled cell phone to your laptop
  2. If you're using a USB data cable, then you'll plug your phone into your laptop which will also charge your phone's battery while it's connected.

    If your phone is Bluetooth-enabled - and most new phones are - then you can connect your phone without any wires by pairing it with your laptop (instructions covered here:How to pair a computer with a bluetooth device).

  3. Connect to the Internet using your cell phone as a modem.
  4. Once your phone is connected to your laptop with a USB data cable or Bluetooth, you'll need software like Motorola Phonetools to handle the dial-up Internet connection.

i have a cell phone,a cheaper model, threw AA&t. we are moving to a place without internet or one I can afford. could someone PLEASE explain this card thing to me and can i use it on my home computer. we have windows xp if that makes any difference. i an not up on all this tech stuff but i cant imigine life without my internet. thanks linda

This article was great. I am going to give it a try. I am a Realtor and am sick of the constant charges that constantly come my way to run a business. This will make one less. Thanks

hey i have my cell phone connected for sharing to my laptop of files but i cant get it connected to tether the internet from my phone to my laptop, is it capable???

Well, I went with pairing my computer with my cell phone using bluetooth. They paired just fine. But I feel pretty stupid asking this question. How on the computer do you make that connection to the internet?? It didn't show up on my computer. Thanks for any help and have a good night.

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