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How tough is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is both tough and waterproof... traits the iPhone 6 seems to be struggling with right out of the gate.

You've probably heard of the numerous reports of iPhone 6's bending - although some of it feels like a media over-reaction exercise.

My Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is super durable. I've dropped it at least a dozen times, and it keeps on ticking. Here are the drop marks on one corner of the case to prove it. The other corners have just as many dings in the case, where I've dropped it on pavement.

How many times do you think the iPhone 6 can take a drop from pocket level at 2 or 3 feet? :)

It's also waterproof, which comes in handy out here in Oregon where I live.

Your mileage my vary, but I'm sticking with my indestructible Galaxy S5 and holding off on the iPhone 6.

And for the record, no the iPhone 6 is NOT waterproof. Not even water resistant. Keep it away from water.

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