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Reset a Blackberry to factory settings

Selling your Blackberry or just want to get it back to it's original factory settings? Here's an easy way to do it using a built-in menu option.

Find the Settings folder on the main Blackberry screen, and select the following menus:

"Options" -- "Security Options" -- "General Settings"

In the General Settings screen, press the menu button (the button to the left of the track ball) and select "Wipe Handheld" from the popup menu.

Confirm that you want to erase all data on the Blackberry, and be sure to select the option to include any third party applications that you might have installed (e.g. Google maps or the Opera web browser).

As a final confirmation step, you'll be asked to enter the word "blackberry", and then the resetting process will begin.

It takes a minute or 2 to wipe a Blackberry clean, which resets it to the original factory settings and removes all address book entries, photos, videos, etc.

You rock! Thanks a million. All other sites had some complicated way of doing this :o)

This was great, better than anything I could find at the carrier's website or BlackBerry's website.

I agree with the other comments, this was the best answer for wiping my old Blackberry. Thanks!

This cleaned everything off my BB. Easy to do. Thanks for the help.

Thank You Ricky Sir.

Sir, your instructions really worked and made the job easier.



This might be a dumb question but does this wipe out your phone number too? I already have a new phone with the number as active, so if I do the reset here, does it make it completely blank, number included so I can sell?

Hi, followed your instructions. media is not deleted.
still see my pics and videos.

just a FYI.

Hei, thanks alot..
i'm so so thank you for the information. finally i found the way to reset BB :)

I have been sitting here trying to figure this thing out for hours and your simple instructions took less than 2 minutes to wipe the BB.
Thanks Again

Thanks dude, your tip is absolutely superb. I wonder why RIM' has made things so complicated, by hiding the word 'Wipe handheld' under the pop up menu

Thanks for that, can sell my BB with confidence now!


You rock. I wish i could go to it on the first day when i wanted to reset factory setting......

This was perfect!No hassle at all.Thanks for the easy walkthrough.

Awesome! It totally worked!! Been wanting to sell my old bb but couldn't figure out how to erase everything without doing it manually one by one... Thanks a lot!!

thanks quick and easy to do..

thank you ! super easy and worked great.
giving my phone to a friend and didn't want all my stuff on there.

I have a blackberry 7130g that has undergone some pretty much wiping. currently, non of its browsers and other input software that originally came with it are working. How do I get to restore it back to what the manufacturer made it to be?

Actually this doesn't reset to factory settings. I'm having trouble with my blackberry and have tried the wipe several times - when it's finished it still has old email accounts I had set up on the BB and also has media, pics, etc. - supposedly there's anoher way to get to factory settings, still searching

I need help here guys, i never tried this wipe thing before, if i have a backup folder, and i wiped my blackberry, then ????? restored everything, will it work??????

:@ this did not work for my blackberry, i want to wipe it but when i go to security options there was no opition 'general settings'

thanks soo much.. easiest suggestion so far.

my blackberry was stuck on loading screen so performed factory reset.Now all i see is list of everything on my phone but nothing working..Can you help??

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