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Reformat memory card on a Sprint Blackberry Curve

Question: I just purchased a BB Curve with sprint. According to the specs this phone supports an 8gb card. I actually only have a 4gb card but as soon as i put in the card into the phone the phone stops working, it takes about 5 seconds to move from window to window; the scroll ball doesnt respond normally and basicly whatever could possibly go wrong goes wrong.

The card is a good card (I Think) i used this same card before in my 8830 and it worked pretty good; though also a little slower then without the card, while the 8830 takes only a 4 gb card and it worked all right, i assumed that the curve that has the capacity for an 8gb shouldn't be killed by a 4 gb card.

Answer: The size of the memory card shouldn't have anything to do with the slowness that you're experiencing. It's possible though that the memory card itself needs to be reformatted, which you can do right from your phone.

Options >> Media Card >> Blackberry Menu >> Format Card

First, click the Options icon on your BlackBerry icon screen (the one that looks like a wrench in most default BlackBerry themes).

Inside Options, scroll to Media Card and click the trackball.

Next, while on the Media Card screen hit your BlackBerry Menu key (to the left of the trackball).

Choose Format and select "Yes" when the prompt asks if you're sure you want to format the card. After about 10 seconds, you'll see another prompt that tells you your card has been reformatted.

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