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How to recover deleted photos from a memory card

Question: I had 2000 pictures in my Samsung Galaxy camera folder on my external 32GB SD card and now the folder is mysteriously GONE!!!! I googled it and Samsung OS corrupts the folder and it just goes away... Its FAT 32 so I did a deep scan and recovered about 3,000 deleted photos... some of the pics are still corrupted meaning only half the picture is there. What else can I do?

Answer: You can almost always recover files from your memory card, even if your system is saying the card is corrupted. That's because files are not actually deleted - they're only marked as "deleted". It's not until another file gets saved at the same location on the disk, that the file cannot be recovered, so chances are good that most or all of your photos can still be recovered.

Check out the data recovery program called Perfect FileRecovery. It has an advanced "File Discovery" feature that automatically scans your PC drives, devices and memory cards to find files that are essentially invisible to other file recovery programs.

Here's a screenshot of Perfect File Recovery after it scanned the memory card from last year's family vacation in Mexico. It found hundreds of pictures from that trip that have been deleted for several months! And we've used that memory card hundreds of times since that trip.

Perfect FileRecovery finds traces of a file (file signatures) that may be scattered across your drive, even in instances where the file name no longer exists or if you accidentally deleted a new file before saving it.

You can download Perfect FileRecovery and run a free file scan to find and preview your lost and deleted files: Download Perfect FileRecovery

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