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How to record movies from a Comcast DVR to a Mac

You can record movies from your Comcast DVR (or any DVR) to your Mac following these simple steps.

What you'll need:


1. First purchase the EasyCap USB adapter and plug it into the usb port on your Mac. The red, white and yellow cords plug into the back of your Comcast DVR, in their respective audio/video plugs.

EasyCap USB Adapter

2. Next, download the EasyCapViewer app for your Mac (unzip and double-click the EasyCapViewer.app file) and open the Comcast/Xfinity movie or show on your TV.

3. Click the "File --> Start Recording" menu in the EasyCapViewer and then press Play on your movie.

That's all it takes to record directly to your Mac from your Comcast/Xfinity DVR console.

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