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Using technology to protect and improve our local communities

Most of the topics I've written about here on rickysays.com have focused on helping you solve your technology-related problems.

Today I'm writing about a way to use technology to solve your community problems.

I'd like to introduce you to a new company - Our Community Watch, LLC - that was founded Monday, Oct 6 (in honor of the birthday of one of our lawyer's daughter). I'm the President of Our Community Watch and our hope is that OCW will be used by local law enforcement agencies, parents and concerned community members to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in all our communities nationwide.

OCW let's you share updates and photos about community activities that matter to you. You can post community updates as often as you like, and anyone can reply with their questions or comments.

Updates and comments can be completely anonymous, which makes it easy and safe for community members to come forward with information that might help police solve a crime.

And it's not only about crime prevention - it's also about community awareness and outreach, and recognizing examples of communities coming together to make a difference. Take this post on the Gilead House that provides a home for families in need, or this Housing Project in Harrisburg sponsored by the Brethren Housing Association. There are so many ways we can come together to make a difference in our local communities.

Some of the other ways the site can be used include posting about school closures, missing children and missing pets, car accidents and traffic incidents.

Wondering how you can help support me in this new venture?

1. Follow @community2watch on Twitter.

2. Like Our Community Watch page on Facebook.

3. Use the website for your community. It's completely free to set up a community just by posting an update and using your city or neighborhood area as the Community name.

Thanks for visiting this site and please help spread the word about Our Community Watch, and how we're using technology to help solve community problems.

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