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New app from Community Scene shows your current location

Have you ever needed to tell someone your current location, but weren't sure exactly where you where? What if you needed to call 911 for an emergency, or let the police know about a crime in progress?

Let's say you get in a car accident, or see someone suspicious looking hanging around cars in a shopping store parking lot. The new app from Community Scene pinpoints your exact location and connects you to communities near you, where you can post photos and videos about your situation.

As local law enforcement, fire and rescue teams from around the nation start to use the Community Scene app, they'll get real-time notifications when people post updates to communities they follow.

Community Scene is also a great way to promote events in your neighborhood, town, or to raise money for a fund-raiser. You could even create a community for your home owner's association, and use it to get to know your neighbors better.

The app is free and anyone can sign up for a free account, as well as create a new community and post updates to the community.

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