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Question: I saw your article on how to copy music to an ipod, but is it possible to point the ipod to an external portable drive, so that it finds music files there instead of from the main hard drive?

Question: How do I view my pics from a flash drive, thru my cable box, to my TV?

Question: I have DSL/cable package via Time Warner, a Samsung Blu-Ray P2550 player with built in Netflix and Pandora internet radio. I need to connect a router to the Blu Ray in order to utilize Pandora. What router would you recommend I purchase? or is there a better alternative to connect the Blu Ray to Time Warner's cable/DSL system?

Question: I've resisted buying an ipod so far because I am an audiophile and I hate the idea of compressed music, which I equate to poor sound quality! Can you transfer whole CDs directly into an ipod from a CD player without compression?

Question: I am trying to put some movies onto my Sansa Fuze, but I don't know how to go about doing this. Every time that i try, the file is either to big or something. Please tell me how to do this. Thanks you for your time.

Many people pay an extra $10 - $15 a month for a DVR to record TV shows and movies and view them later. Did you know you could be recording TV and cable shows directly to your computer for free?

Question: I'd like to put together some training videos for teachers in my district. It's just too hard to get everyone together in the same building, and too expensive to arrange travel for everyone in the current economy.

What tools are available for recording videos or facilitating online training sessions?

Answer: (this question is waiting for an answer. If you know the answer, please feel free to use the comment form below and be sure to leave your name and a link to your website, so I can give you credit for your answer)

How to connect your camcorder to your PC, copy your recording to your computer, make a movie and publish it.

Question: Is there a way to download YouTube videos and save them to my computer, so I can view them even when I'm not connected to the Internet?

DVD movies can be converted to standard 3gp video format, which is the format used by video-enabled cell phones and other mobile devices.


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