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Videos taken from your iphone or ipad are automatically imported into iPhoto when you sync your device to iTunes, but it's not very clear how to get those videos out of iPhoto. Here are the steps...

From Apple's web site: "iPod touch finds wireless networks and connects you to the Internet". That can be a little misleading to some people...

If a picture can tell a thousand words, then a video can be even more effective on your blog or website. You can add your favorite YouTube video to your blog by following these easy steps.

I am in a school and need to send video from a minidv camcorder to the classroom teacher's computers, to use on their digital projectors. Do you know how I can do this?

I have a dvd of photos I made with Windows live movie maker. I no longer have the photo files on my computer. Is it possible to copy the photos back onto my computer from the DVD so that I can save the files for a new movie?

You can copy recorded shows from your Comcast DVR to a Windows XP computer fairly easily using a FireWire cable, a few software drivers, and a free video streaming program.

It's often desirable to convert DVD movies to an electronic format so they can be viewed as video files directly from your computer or mobile device.

Question: I emailed myself a video I took from my blackberry curve. When i try to play the video on my computer it says it can't find the file extension. What is the deal?


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