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Tips and tricks for Mac users.

Are you getting the most out of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Here are my 5 favorite features of Apple's latest mobile software - iOS 9.

I have hundreds of contacts in LinkedIn. Is there a way these Linkedin contacts can be exported to an excel spreadsheet?

I've gone back and forth between initially being an iPhone lover (back when they first came out and up through about the 4) and then switched over to a Galaxy S4... and even upgraded to the s5 Active.

Question: I'm running Mac OSX 10.9.5 and (Mavericks) and for some reason nothing happens when I click the Finder icon in the dock. This is driving me nuts because I can't access my files! Can you help me fix this??

I accidentally deleted several photos from my iPhone a while back, and thought they were gone forever. It's also been several weeks since I deleted them, and I figured there was absolutely no chance I'd ever see them again.

If you're selling your Mac or giving it back to your company's IT department, you'll want to protect your personal information by wiping the hard drive and resetting to factory defaults.

Macs have a built-in way of letting you transfer files from one Mac to another using Airdrop over a wireless network connection.

Macbooks come with a built-in trackpad that you can press anywhere to manually "click" the mouse (with the mouse being your finger). You can also set the trackpad to accept a single tap as a mouse click.


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