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Precious family photos lost

Hello Ricky, I hope that you can help me! I wanted to move three groups of pictures into one folder. As i did so, I received a box which said that a photo with this name already exists...do you want to replace it? Foolishly I said yes to all, not thinking of what this meant.

Now, I know that since these were three separate photo sessions, but had the same label, pictures were using the same numbers and i have lost maybe two thirds of my precious family pictures. Can these be retrieved or is it too late?

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost so many family photos! That's an easy mistake to make and I've done it myself on more than one occasion.

From what you are describing, it sounds unlikely that the files can be recovered in this case, unless you have a system backup that you can restore from (that would still have the original photos in the original folder locations).

That being said, it never hurts to try! There's a data recovery program called iRecover that will let you recover files on a trial basis. Lots of my readers have used this program to recover files they have deleted.

The trial version of iRecover let's you recover individual files one at a time, which is time consuming but at least would let you know if the photos were recoverable. If they are recoverable, then you can decide if you want to pay for the full version that let's you recover multiple files in one shot.

Here's a link to more information about iRecover: http://www.rickysays.com/recover-deleted-files

Lastly, if you don't have a backup plan in place then I highly recommend you set one up right away so that you are covered if this happens again. Here are a few ways to back up your hard drive, and some tools that make it super easy to automatically backup your system at regular time intervals:

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