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Why is my LG phone unable to send more than a couple photos at a time via email?

Question: My phone's a NON-smart LG from AT&T, and I didn't know it needed a memory card before I took a bunch of photos, so I'm forced to e-mail them to myself one at a time. Most of them go ok, but for some I get an "unable to send" message. If I wait until I'm sending the next batch, the problem ones seem to go through. Any idea why?

Answer: All phones have a limited amount of internal memory, and when photos are sent via email they get copied into your phone's Outbox so they can be processed and sent. Then another copy is loaded into memory when the message is loaded and sent.

Each message in your outbox takes up roughly as much memory as the size of the photo it contains... so I suspect the reason you're getting an error is because your phone is running out of memory, and can't process any more messages until it's sent the messages it's currently working on (and can release the memory associated with those messages).

Transfer photos using Bluetooth

If your LG phone has Bluetooth, you can transfer photos over a Bluetooth connection, as long as you're within 30 feet of your computer (the maximum range of a Bluetooth wireless signal).

Step 1

Turn on Bluetooth on your computer. There will either be an icon your toolbar to click and enable, or go to "System Preferences" (Mac) or "Control Panel" (Windows) and click the Bluetooth icon to enable it.

Step 2

Scroll to the Settings menu on your LG Phone. Select "Bluetooth" and then "Make discoverable".

Step 3

Wait for the computer to recognize the phone, and then click an "Accept" button on either the computer or the phone to complete the pairing.

Step 4

Click "Browse Device" from the dialog box that opens. The prompt may have similar wording depending on your phone's software and operating system. The folders on your phone will appear in the dialog box.

Step 5

From your computer, navigate to the photos folder on your phone and select the photos you want to download onto your computer. Select a destination folder and click OK to load them onto your computer.

Note: if you need more detailed instructions for using Bluetooth, check out this article: http://rickysays.com/pair-bluetooth-device-with-computer

Internal memory of your phone is full. So, their is not space remaining in the phone to save these photos in their memory. So, it is not able to retrieve these photos from your phone memory. Because it is not empty. Just open these photos in other computer and save them their.

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