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Is it possible to recover files lost after upgrading to Windows 10?

Question: I downloaded Win 10 on 7/29/15, because Microsoft told me my Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop running Windows 7 was compatible. Each time I started it up, the Win 10 logo came up for 20-30 seconds, and then the screen went blank. It didn't power down, just blank, and that was IT. Dell told me that my laptop was NOT compatible with Win 10. They helped me get my laptop working again on Win 7, but could not recover my files.

TEN years worth of files were lost, and I'm devastated! Is there ANY possibility that I can recover any of it? If youneed more info to give me an answer, just let me know what it is and I will try to provide it. I learned many lessons through all of this, and know how to prevent it in the future. Right now, I just want to recover precious, priceless photos, videos, and documents. Is it possible? Thanks - Joan


Wow Joan, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with Windows 10 and more importantly losing all those files!!

I actually was in a similar situation a while back where I thought I had lost all my family vacation photos, which I wrote about here: http://www.rickysays.com/recover-deleted-files

You’ll see a link in that page to the program I used to recover the file, which I highly recommend. It's called iRecover and the thing I liked about it is that it lets you run it’s scan for free and shows you the files it will be able to recover, so you know it will work before you have to pay for the software.

There are no free solutions available that handle data recovery well at all, but at least this one lets you see what it’s capabilities are before you pay anything for it.

Click here to get iRecover, and please let me know how it goes!

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