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iRulu Walknbook3 v.s iPad

Recently I was looking online for a small portable computer. I stumbled across the iRulu Walknbook 3 at a super low price. It has a detachable keyboard, and runs Windows 10. I purchased it, and when it arrived, I took it out of the box, and it made me think of an iPad. Because I also own an iPad, I thought I’d compare them. It’s hard to choose a favorite, because they both have amazing qualities.



The iPad I own has 32GB of storage, which is more than enough for what I use it for. The iRulu Walknbook also has 32GB of storage, but because it’s a computer, those 32GB’s will deplete fast. However, the iRulu Walknbook has a MicroSD card slot, and supports up to 128GB’s! That will definitely be  enough, and nowadays a 128GB MicroSD card isn’t that expensive. The iRulu Walknbook 3 wins in this category.


Because the iRulu had such a low price ($149 on Amazon), you can expect that it’s performance is not quite at the level of the iPad, but for what you pay it’s a very nice system. The Windows Performance Index rates the iRulu Walknbook 3 a 4.0! That’s very nice on a computer with only 2GB of ram. Despite how well the iRulu Walknbook performs, the iPad slightly outperforms it. In this category, iPad is the victor but by a slim margin.



The iPad of course is an Apple product, and Apple has one of the best app stores out there. The Windows app store that is new to Windows 8 and 10 is no match, but that’s not to say it’s horrible. You can still find many of your favorite games, and maybe even some new ones. It has more than just games however. No matter what app store you’re coming from I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the Windows app store. This category is going to be a tie.



When using your new tablet, either an iPad or iRulu, you’re going to need to plug in things. More than just charging, but headphones, USB, HDMI, the whole lot. With an iPad, you have two places to plug things in, the headphone slot and the charging slot. If you want to do anything else you’ll have to buy an adapter. However, the iRulu Walknbook 3 has an insane amount of built in ports.  It has it’s charging, headphones, USB, microUSB, HDMI, and microSD. This category is an obvious win for the iRulu.


The iPad and the iRulu Walknbook 3 aren’t very different. I’d be happy using either one, and making the switch is not hard. For the price of the Walknbook it’s a steal, but the iPad has a better app store. I don’t think there’s a true winner, because they’re both very good, but if I had to choose one it would be the Walknbook simply because it runs Windows.


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