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Hi Ricky - followed your instructions how to copy CD onto ipod which was great and really clear. Have downloaded the latest version of itunes but every CD we copy itunes hangs on completion of the last track and have to end program hence the last song of each CD isn't copied and doesn't appear in itunes library. Do you have any idea what we can do? Thanks

iPhones show a battery meter at the top right of the screen, that shows you how much charge is remaining. You can also make that meter show an actual percentage of remaining charge, which lets you know more precisely when it's time to juice up again.

Question: My friend has an iphone and I have an itouch. Can his iphone somehow be turned into a wifi hot spot so I can connect through his device to the internet?

So you're a proud owner of a new iPhone, but you have a considerable investment in apps and music sitting on your old iPhone, and don't know how to transfer them over to your new iPhone.

According to Apple only a "very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity", and that a patch is on the way, yet I see articles all over the web that indicate the problem is much wider spread.

One of the first things I did after purchasing my iPhone was to buy a screen protector. In fact, I had the sales tech install it for me in the Apple store to make sure there was no way a scratch could find it's way anywhere near my new device.

If you own an iPhone 3G as I have for several months, then you're probably used to a daily battery charging routine. Here are some tips to extend your battery life.

Question: Is there a way to get a wifi signal to your itouch from either your cell phone or connect an aircard to the touch?

With the iPhone's built-in iPod music player, you'd think it would be easy to select a music file and set it as your default ringtone, or as a custom ringtone for one of your contacts. But as you've probably already discovered, it doesn't work that way.

Question: Is there a way to connect your ipod touch to the internet with a laptop with an aircard, either through Wi-Fi, bluetooth, or with a USB cable?


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