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iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes

Transferring songs and photos from your Windows PC to your iPhone requires the use of a software program like iMacSoft, which also has a lot of other features that let you transfer songs, videos, ringtones, voi

The iPad's built-in keyboard automatically switches from large keys when you're holding it the wide way (landscape) and small keys when you're holding it vertically, but did you know there's a third keyboard option that's even better?

iPhones do support multimedia messages (MMS) and here's how to enable MMS on your iPhone so you can send photos in your text messages.

How to convert the iPhone 3G into a pre-paid iPhone, using regular-sized sim cards that you can find in pay-as-you-go phones, like AT&T’s GoPhone.

Be sure you sync your iPhone before doing any iOS upgrade, so that your camera roll photos will all be in iTunes. Then when you upgrade, they should still be on your phone or at least saved on your computer.

Question: I'm very desperate because my iPhone 3GS got stolen and now I am trying to transfer my backup to another phone, an iPhone 3.

Question: Can you configure an iphone 4 so that it always uses a wireless internet connection for web access when one is available, as opposed to using the iphone's built-in 3g internet access (and being charged for it on your mobile plan)?

Could you please tell me how to transfer the contacts from my iPhone onto my computer? I'd like to have them in my Outlook email program if possible.


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