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How to clear your search history on Instagram

Instagram keeps track of the users and hashtags you search for, so you can easily find them again in the future. If you're looking for a way to cover your tracks or clear out your search history, just follow these easy steps.

1. Go to your Profile (far right button on the bottom of your screen).

2. Tap the Settings button on the top right of your screen (shown below for a Samsun Galaxy S4 - Android, and it's a gear icon for iPhones).

3. Scroll down and tap "Clear Search History".

All of your previous search terms and users will be removed.

I have tried to follow these steps however it still predicts names that I do not want when I do @ sign. How do I stop this from happening?

My son wants to clear the browsing history on his Instagram account on his phone. We have tried everything at the help center plus numerous things online, but it is not working. He has a Samsung Galaxy S4, and we have tried all of the possible ways (ie. clearing through Instagram settings, clearing browsing history on the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, etc.) Nothing seems to be working. Is there anyway for us to do this without him having to just make a new account? Please help! Thank you for your time.

Instagram search history can be cleared using the instructions I posted above, but not search suggestions (what pops up when you start tapping letters in the search field).

This has been confirmed by Facebook here.

I've deleted my search history but when I try to send pictures to someone, my searches come up

Is this likely to get sorted or is it a feature they are likely to keep? I really don't want people to see my predicted accounts/hashtags when I'm searching, ex gf's etc. It makes instagram quite unusable.

the way u get rid of pages that you have viewed is, that you uninstall the update and go back to factory settings. reinstall the update and notice that when u type, only accounts that you are following or are being followed by show up in the results.

Hi I have tried all this over and over again also I have tried deleting the app but both does not work I type two letter in and it comes up with my old searchs please help

this way doesn't  clear every thing like auto fill and pages 
the only way to clear everything in android phone is to go this way:
open Application manager 
open Inatagram
then start to clear everything 
1. Clear defaults
2. Clear cache
3. Clear data
then uninstall Instagram and Install it again

now you have cleared very well 

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