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Using iPhone 3GS on WiFi-enabled Flights

I'm enroute to Dallas, TX right now and it's a wifi flight with American Airlines. I'm typing... I mean tapping this post on my iPhone 3GS, after paying a nominal $7.95 fee for in-flight Internet.

The Internet speed on the in-flight wifi connection is plenty fast to download a music album from iTunes while updating 4 apps, browsing the web and checkng email, without any noticeable slow down.

GPS looks a little confused though - it thinks I'm still at the airport even though we've been traveling for a couple hours, probably because that's where the signal is coming from:

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SMS also doesn't work, so don't plan on texting on these flights. You also can't share a connection between a laptop and mobile device - you have to pay an additional connection for a laptop or mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, etc).

I'd love to see wifi be free on flights, but all things considered, I felt it was still a great value since I was able to get a lot of work done (and play) instead of wasting a few hours in the air.

Very nice. You *can* actually share between a laptop and an iphone (or other wifi enabled device) if you select Internet Sharing (or the PC equivalent) in your laptop preferences.

I was able to do this a couple of months ago when we were doing a live radio remote, and we only had one ethernet cable and jack but two laptops.

I imagine if you shared wifi on your laptop, your iPhone would pick it up.

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