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How to transfer files from one Windows computer to another

In the days of new technology, at some point you’re going to upgrade your computer. Transferring files from your old computer to the new one is something that might scare you, however Windows cloud storage system “One Drive” makes it easy. Follow these few steps to have your precious pictures and documents on your brand new computer in a jiffy!

1. Open up File Explorer, and Select What Files You Want

Open up the Start Menu using the Windows key or clicking the logo in the bottom left corner. Click on file explorer at the bottom, and then open whatever section of your storage you want to move files from.

File Explorer.png

Click on Pictures!.png

2. Choose What Files You Want, and Drag Them to “OneDrive”

I wanted to move some of my pictures to my other computer, so I selected the files that have the pictures, and dragged them onto OneDrive. To select more than one file at a time, hold down the CTRL key, and click on the files.

Select And Move Them.png

After you drag the files into the OneDrive folder, you can click on it to verify that they are there.

Look They're Here!.png

3. Go to onedrive.com to sign in with your Microsoft account, and verify that your files are there.

After you dragged your important files to OneDrive, head on over to onedrive.com and sign in with your Microsoft account. Make sure you use the same one you used to sign into your computer. It will load up your cloud storage, and you can see all the files right there.


Look it's here!.png

4. Go onto your new computer, and go to the same website and download the files

    After verifying that your family pictures are on the onedrive.com website, go to that same website on your new computer. Click on the small circle in the top right corner of the files you want on your computer, and once you have selected all of them, click “Download.”

Select The Files!.png

Download It!.png

This is Where it Goes!.png

Now that you have downloaded the files you can put them wherever you want, and feel satisfied knowing that your pictures are right where you want them! Since only 15 gigabytes is available, once you download the pictures remove them from OneDrive on the old computer so there is room for more. Because only 15 Gigabytes of space is avalible on OneDrive, it might take you a few trips.


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