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How to transfer photos and ring tones to your cell phone

By far the most frequently asked question I get from people is "How do I transfer a photo from my computer to my cell phone? (or vice versa)".

Cell phone manufacturers often don't ship software with their phones that would do this for free, because they'd rather make money on transfer fees. Windows doesn't provide much help either.

For example, I bought a Motorola Razr v3 phone long ago and it only came with a user's manual and a charger. There was no software for transferring any files to my computer, and nothing built into Windows XP or Vista that even recognized my phone.

Here are a few ways to transfer photos or ring tones from your computer to your cell phone: 1. USB Data Cable 2. Bluetooth 3. Email 4. Text Message

If you have a smart phone... these aren't the droids you're looking for. If you don't have a smart phone (iphone, android, etc) then you might still find this article useful. 

Transfer with a USB data cable

You can transfer as many photos or ring tones as you like to your cell phone in one shot, using a USB Data Cable that connects your computer to your cell phone. Windows does not come with software to recognize your phone and handle the file transfer however, so you'll need a copy of DataPilot (or similar program) which works with all major phone types.

Fire up DataPilot and plug one end of the USB data cable into your phone and the other end into the USB port on your computer. DataPilot will display a list of the existing photos, ring tones, and videos on your cell phone.

Choose the folder on your PC that contains the files you want to move, select the files (or folders) and click the transfer button to copy them over to your cell phone. You can also copy the other way, and use DataPilot to transfer photos or ring tones from your cell phone to your computer, and they have a version of DataPilot for the Mac that works the same way.

Transfer using a Bluetooth connection

You can also transfer photos, ring tones, and videos from your computer to your cell phone using a wireless Bluetooth connection.Bluetooth is built into most computer systems and has a 30-foot range.

If you have Bluetooth enabled on your system, you'll see a Bluetooth icon in the lower right side of your Windows task bar. You can also open your Control Panel from the Start button, and if you don't see a Bluetooth icon then you don't have Bluetooth on your system.

If your computer doesn't have Bluetooth built-in, you can get a Bluetooth adapter like this one, that plugs into one of your USB ports).

Most phones ship with Bluetooth disabled to save on battery life, so you'll first need to enable Bluetooth on your phone, and then pair it with your computer. I've covered Bluetooth pairing in another article titled How to Pair a Bluetooth Device with your Computer.

Once you've paired your Bluetooth phone with your computer, you can easily transfer files over the wireless Bluetooth connection.

Transfer using Email

Not all phones support email, but most people have smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc) that let you send and receive email. If that's the case then you can just send yourself an email with your photos attached, and that email will show up on your phone... download the attachments from the email on your phone, and you're good to go.

However, if you have a lot of files to transfer, these first two approaches can mean a lot of emails or text messages.

Transfer using Text Messaging

You can send a text message from your computer just by using the right email address, and attaching the photo or ring tone to the email message. For AT&T/Cingular customers the email address is your_number@cingularme.com.

For example, if your cell phone number is 691-548-1294 then you'd send an email to 6915481294@cingularme.com and it would arrive as a text message on your cell phone.

Once you receive the text message on your cell phone, you can view the photo or ring tone and save it as your wallpaper or in your phone's audio library.

I dragged some songs to my memory card (I plugged my memeory card in my PC slot) but my blackberry is not reading the songs. It is on the memory card because my memeory went down once it was transferred.

In order for your Blackberry to view songs that are on your memory card, you'll need to make sure you're using an SDMicro card that's about a centimeter wide - much smaller than a regular SD card memory chip, although it can still hold up to 4 gigs worth of files depending on the model that you bought.

Then you'll need to plug in the SD Micro card into your Blackberry, and I posted instructions for doing this here:
Transfer files to a Blackberry

i did exactly what you said to go for emailing a pic to my cingular phone. but the text just comes up blank. i've tried it a number of time with different photos, but it just comes blank. i used an attachment from my yahoo email account. what email do you use?

what if your phone doesn't have a usb cable available..... and how do you send the files through yahoo, because i don't get them sometimes

I have downloaded and paid for a "ringtone" from iTunes. It went into my "music" folder both on iTunes and my iPhone when I synced it. I cannot get my phone to recognise it as a ringtone. I have also changed it into an MP3 file and synced that, but no luck! Does anyone have a fix?

What brand and model of phone do you have? It may be that it requires a specific music file format.

I have my bluetooth synced with computer by RMS is not giving me the option to send to bluetooth.

Hi! I have a sprint cell phone so how would i email a picture with a sprint number???

just bought new sch-r610 slider canot get ringtones to load from sd card or data cable can load songs and wallpaper but canot find opption to set as ringtone

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM, JUST GOT samsung.SCH-r160 with virgin in canada, cant make it recognize what i uploaded from memory card or usb to the phone itself. I think the music player is blocked by the phone carrier and the phone doesnt exist on samsung site .

Hey I have a K1 and lately my computer is not recognizing my phone so I am unable to get music which I saved on my computer. Every time I have to keep taking out the USB cable and pushing it back in the port and this is very fustrating. Please help.

Technical solutions for the general public are hard to find nowadays.This has resulted in exploitation by not only the experts, but by half-filled technicians and newborn service providers. People due to lack of even the general idea and information are cheated in daylight.

In this context what you are serving is a great deed indeed!

I hereby commit to share what you have explained and even help those who aspires to keep pace with others on this modern world of technologies.

I noticed you never answered the questions about why when sending to a razr via AT&T, and the attachment isn't there (sound OR picture).......what is the problem?

I downloaded the program, but when i open the program the option for ringtone is not available. So I cant transfer ringtones from my comp to my phone.. I have a samsung Instinct model SPH-M800

How do you email pics to uscellular phones? I have a kyocera Neo

how do i transfer music into my mp3 player on my cell phone. I have used a micro sd adapter to put in to my phone from my computer and it is saying i eather have (no music) or it say (player error) please can you help me

How do you send pictures with sprint? Or whats my email address? I have a usb cable but I dont know how to get the pictures from my computer to my phone...

Thanks! Melissa

I want to get sound from an email I sent to my email address from my phone. I have a V3 as well. I have sent the file to my computer but sprint does not let me download it and it will not let me save it to my phone. If you can help me figure out either one I would be thankful

So a lot of people have been wondering about VERIZON phones. I just bought a motorola crave phone through verizon. A simple way that has worked for me is to use a free program called audacity to create mp3s of audio and send them to my phone as an email attachment. Search audacity in google and it will bring up a downloader site. From there make sure you also download Audacity Lame mp3 encoder. This will allow you to change any audio into an mp3 file. Use audacity to cut whatever part of your audio you want, and choose export as mp3 from the file menu. Once it is saved you simply go to your email provider and send a message with the saved file as an attachment to yournumber@vzwpix.com ex. 1112345678@vzwpix.com as long as you send it to your vzwpix address you should be able to download the message onto your phone then click save as ringtone. Hope that helps!

So where do I get a usb cable for the phone? I have a samsung SCH-a930.

I sent the ringtone as an attachment on an e-mail to my phone. I got the message but I can't view the attachment. PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have one of those free-when-you-buy-the-1st-phone cell phones, and it's from a Sprint company, and the phone is a samsung model. What would be the email address for it, so I can send myself ringtones?

Have t819 and downloaded photos to SD chip...insert in phone and not there for viewing. Any ideas on how to view the photos on the phone from the chip?

well for the series Motorola VE465 Data Pilot doesn't work can someone plz explain why?

my phone gets e-mail via text message but when i try to select the file it won't select it

I live in Argentina , they charge a lot for everything , even for receiving calls , they wont bother to allow you to get free ringstones , thats for sure .

I have the Ericsson W760a phone and when i download ringtones they are put into my music file. I can listen to them on my phone but can not actually set them as ringtones. they come in as mp3 files but i can not transfer to the ringtone file to actually use them as ringtones. Any help would be great.

my mother has a Motorola Razr3 from t-mobile she has a video that she recorded and wants to put it on her facebook can anyone help. when she tries to send it via txt message it says the attachment is too large and when she tries to send it via email it says the giga bites are to big... help me if you can please...

I have a new bought cherry mobile T80 Pulse and I want to get music and videos from the pc to my phone and to save my photos from my phone to the pc. I've been searching for software where I can transfer date from pc to phone and vice versa but cannot find any. Please help me. Can you give me one?

Hi there guys I have a problem attaching files and sounds to emails, they don't appear inside the texts. I'm using hotmail and I'm sending it to a LG keybo 2 I think it is and my company is Telus. thanks in advance!

I have a Samsung SCH-U520 with micro sd. Ringtones saved to card are mp3 however I can't figure out how to set them as ringtone. They paly just fine on the phone as music. Help please, it is driving me crazy.

Good post... I've recently had this problem where I lost the cables to my cell phone and I need to get some picture and video out of my phone and I need to get some music and podcasts into the phone.

I'm a bluetooth idiot. I'm going to try and figure this out though because I'm really not trying to buy a new phone.

Thanks for the post

Ok, so I sent it via bluetooth but the format isn't accepted... any way to make it so? I have a AT&T Pantec Impact...

So i've been looking through a whole bunch of sites but still have no answer. i own a Verizon LG Versa, so far ive learned that i can load up music from the computer through a usb cord.

But my question is, Is there any possible way to load my own videos/pictures from my LG versa onto my computer?

I've been emailing all my pictures in order to transfer my pictures to my computer but i wanted to know if there was an easier way! If you could help me out, that would help alot!!!

thanks -curious1

I have a samsung intensity but i dont know how to open attatchments... Please help me?

Um, What If I Have Pocket, Would It Work? I Know Its (number)@mms.pocket.com But i never get Da Txt :(

I have a verizon wireless phone and I send alot of my songs through email to my phone to get them as ringtones. I dont have a fancy phone but it has the fast connection thing called EV-DO. Its 10 times faster then 1x and when i send music files to my phone i receive them through a pix message not a txt message.Some of them are 2 minutes long and it still gets them pirfectly fine. But i have been sending larger songs like 4 or 5 minute songs and it wont receive them. Is there any way I could det past this?

Thanks to you I FINALLY sent pictures from my phone to my computer via email. I tried this many times before, even getting personal geek help at Radioshack. Geeks rock!!!!

I thought the SD card was for transferring information back and forth. Isn't the SD card supposed to be universal and work in both your phone and computer?

sony ericson cell to dell p.c.

But what if you have free text message and free data on your phone ? Will it still charge me ?


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