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How to share ring tones and pictures between RAZR phones

Did you recently download a new ring tone for your cell phone, and your friends are begging you for a copy? Or maybe you took the perfect shot of your kids using your camera phone, and your wife wants a copy on her phone.

Most newer cell phones come equipped with Bluetooth technology that lets them connect to any other Bluetooth device, including another cell phone.

That means you'll be able to easily transfer media between cell phones, including photos, videos, phone book entries or internet bookmarks. There are also no charges for transferring ring tones or photos between phones using Bluetooth.

These steps will help you enable Bluetooth on your phone and walk you through transferring media between phones.

1. Enable bluetooth on both phones

Most phones ship with Bluetooth disabled to save on battery life, so you'll first need to enable Bluetooth on both phones. The steps below are for tranferring photos between two Motorola Razr phones, so you may need to refer to your user's manual if you have a different phone (the steps should be very similar though).

Open both phones and select the following menu options:

Menu --> Settings --> Connection --> Bluetooth Link --> Setup --> Power

Change the Power setting to "On". This will enable Bluetooth on your phone. (The center button on the top of the button pad is the Menu button ).

2. Find the photo, video, or ring tone you want to transfer

I'll refer to the phone containing the photo as the main phone, and I'll refer to the other phone as the target phone. In order to transfer media from the main phone to the target phone, select the media from the main phone using the following menu options:

For transferring photos:
Menu --> Multimedia --> Pictures

For transferring videos:
Menu --> Multimedia --> Videos

For transferring ring tones:
Menu --> Multimedia --> Sounds

3. Copy the file to the other RAZR phone

Scroll through the photos, videos, or ring tones and select the one you want to copy to the other phone. Select the following menu options to initiate the transfer:

Menu --> Copy --> [Look for devices]

Your phone will search for other Bluetooth devices, and as long as the target RAZR phone is within range of the main phone, it will copy the file over to the target phone.

Once the file has finished copying over to the target phone, you can set it as your wallpaper (for photos) or ring tone (for sounds).

Here's a link to the Motorola Razr User's Guide with instructions on page 88 for Bluetooth photo transfers.

Transferring multiple photos or ringtones in one shot

It gets a little time consuming transferring individual files using the steps above, and that's where a program like DataPilot can help.

DataPilot handles universal data transfers from all types of phones and will let you select a group of photos or videos to transfer in one shot, using either Bluetooth or a USB data cable. It supports over 400 different handsets in the market, including the most popular phones from Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo, Nokia, Palm, and many others.

DataPilot also lets you manage your contact information, access the Internet and check e-mails while on the go. You can personalize your cell phone with ring tones and images, and stay in sync with your appointments in Outlook or Outlook Express.

Thanks, I just got the phone and was stumbling over this feature-- I appreciate it!

you cannot share ringtones, the file may transfer but most all ringtones are encrypted to prevent sharing...that's how they make money off of ringtones. --Sprint technician (i work on phones to repair them daily)

My dad got a new Razr and was freaking out that he couldn't have his old ringtone. The manual is extremely vague on how to do this. Luckily I searched the net, found this page, and poof it worked. As for the Sprint Tech that says they can't be shared...ah okay. If it is a wave or mp3 it is sharable and their is no encryption. -Software Engineer (I work with data daily) :)

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