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How to listen to Spotify on a Mac

As a premium Spotify user, I love having my music on my iphone. I even have it wired up to my Google Home which is hooked up to my home stereo so I can have great sound throughout the house.

But sometimes I just want to play it from my Macbook.

Here's how to install and play Spotify songs from a Mac:

1. Download Spotify

head over to https://spotify.com/download to download a copy of the latest Spotify app on to your Mac. The download will start automatically and all you have to do is click the downloaded file called SpotifyInstaller.zip.

2. Install Spotify.

After you've unzipped the installer, you'll see a file called "Install Spotify.app". Click the file and Spotify will automatically install on your Mac.

3. Log into Spotify and Listen to Your Music.

Now you can enjoy all your spotify tunes right on your Mac!

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