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How to Fix Autoplay for your iPhone

Question: My auto-play stopped working. When I plug in my iphone to my computer now, it only opens itunes, not the auto-play anymore. How do i fix that please?

Answer: Autoplay is configured in your Windows Control Panel, which you can access by clicking the Start button, and clicking "Control Panel" on the right side of the applications menu.

You'll see an Autoplay icon, which will open the settings for how your computer should handle things like mobile devices connecting to your computer, or CDs getting inserted into your CD drive.

In the Autoplay settings screen, scroll all the way down to the bottom where you'll see options for how to handle iPhones.

Choose the option to "Ask me every time", save your changes, and then try unplugging and plugging your iPhone back in again.

This time you should get the autoplay screen, asking you if you want to import pictures, etc.

Your page about "How to Fix Autoplay for your iPhone" was exactly was I was looking for... however, my problem is that even after I followed these instructions, my pc still isnt auto detecting my iphone in Vista and uploading the pictures like it used to. How can I restore this function in Vista? I had to do a system restore about a week ago to fix a problem that was caused when I attempted to load a new printer. Nothing has been right since. Thanks for your help.

Hi, I had the same problem with my Iphone and this was how I have fixed it. Connect it and once connected go to "hardware and sound" in the conrol panel, "devices and printers" where you should see it listed with an ! mark by it. Right click on it and then click "troubleshoot", then the computer should run a diagnostic then reinstall the driver for it. Worked first time for me so good luck.

Thanks Keith! Just came across your recommendation with my iPhone 4 on my Sony Pc, Win7Pro. Autoplay suddenly appeared & repaired itself in 30 seconds (after a week of fruitless attempts with other methods).

Keith I did the trouble shoot thing, but then it said troubleshoot could not identify the problem. Auto play still doesnt pop up when i plug in my iphone 5c but it works for my 5th generation ipod touch. What should i do?

Thanks Keith
This still works with my iPhone 5 in 2014!

I also have had the problem where autoplay will not start with my iphone and have spent hours searching for an answer, then i was told what to do to solve it and it worked straight away.
connect your iphone to your computer, then go to computer and the iphone should show itself at the left hand side listed under computer. right click on the iphone icon and listed there will be import pictures and videos, click this to get the prompt box back on screen, and your tag and import, job done worked a treat!

For the love of God, thank you! Yours is the only (and simplest) answer that helped me after hours of fruitless searches and ridiculous 10 step directions for nothing. Seriously, thank you.

thank you! after searching many answers, yours was the only one that worked for me. thank you!

Thank you!!! It finally worked and I can import my pictures!!

Absolutely amazing!! Tried and tried...then found your remark. 30 seconds later my 500 pics were off my phone!! Thanks:) I phone 6 btw.

nope. Device doesn't show up under my computer when I plug it in. I get the sound played when I connect it, but nothing else. Super frustrated!

Try resetting to all default by clicking on the button to "reset all defaults". Next, make sure you check the upper left box where it says "Use autoplay for all media and devices". Unplug and replug your iPhone. This worked for me. Hope it works for you too!

I was looking for this information. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite solve the problem. My Vista PC isn't auto-detecting my iPhone, yet iTunes is picking it up no problem. The iPhone doesn't appear in My Computer either. I have tried your suggestion above, but I don't see my iPhone on the list of devices in the AutoPlay settings (my iPod is there). I have restarted the Apple driver. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, Vista on my laptop is doing the same thing. iPhone is not listed in Devices in Control Pannel. However, that just made me thing that maybe the driver is not installed. Okay, just looked in Device manager, all I see is Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. I am going to scan for hardware

Nope, and cannot manually add driver either. However, as previously stated by others, iTunes can see it just fine. I tend to remember with my old iPod, iTunes having an option to set it as a removable drive, but I don't see this option any more. I am fed up. About the only option I see is to e-mail the pics to myself, or go to another computer.

yes, im having the same problem ? i have been onto Apple for 4 hrs today, and even they cant sort this problem out, they told me to contack microsoft, which i did , but they will only look for a fee ? im still none the wiser now, autorun did work before, but as just stoped working ? if you find a answer for this problem, then pls let me know.

I have Vista and uninstalled the Apple Mobile Device in Device Manager. I unplugged and plugged my phone back in, and it worked! Yes!!

I also have vista and uninstalling Apple Mobile Device on Device Manager then unplugging and plugging in my iPhone again did it for me too.

After a few hours of searching this option worked! Found it listed under Universal Serial Bus Controllers vs. Portable Devices. After following these directions, it showed up under Portable Devices

Tried these same instructions and restored autoplay for iphone 3G with Windows 7 RC x64. Thanks!

I tried this and auto play still didn't work. Any other way to fix this? It used to work no problems.

This fix isn't working for me either, iTunes has no problem finding my iPhone, but as far as vista is concerned, the device doesn't exist. It DOES show up in the autoplay list but not in My Computer. Changing the autoplay settings hasn't changed a thing... any help?

my question is what do i do if i try opening with itunes but only autoplay comes out?i want to connect my iphone to itunes but autoplay always comes out?

I have same problem. Have tried all the above including verifying that I have a current Iphone driver. All that happens when I plug in or unplug is hear a sound that I guess is the comp recognizing that something has been plugged in. WTF...I know it worked once because I downloaded some pix but now nothing. My Computer doesn't even recognize that anything is plugged in. Please keep trying to help with any ideas. thanks

I have tried everything above with no help. What else to you suggest I try, to get the pictures off my Iphone into my PC (this is getting quite frustrating. This brings back memories when Apple and Microsoft were still at war over the best operating system. Does Apple expect everyone to buy a MAC to make downloading easier.
Apple should make it easier then this, give me a break.

Yeah. I wish it would have been that easy. I've looked a lot on the Net and haven't found an indication when this became a problem. We're all experiencing it and had it working at one time. What happened? It's happening on my Vista laptop and on my XP desktop. I haven't connected to my Mac G5 yet because I need to unlug some other USB first. It's hard to tell who screwed it up, Apple with an update or Microsoft with a fix.


Glad to hear I'm not the only one experiencing this frustration. It used to work just fine and now I can't get AutoPlay to recognize the iPhone at all. Tried a manual camera install too to no avail. Anybody got any suggestions for Vista users?

Same problem... can't locate my phone on my computer even though Itunes can (although I have to start it manually now) and it is on the autoplay list...
Has anyone been successful at resolving this? My current solution is to email myself the pics from my phone

Go to Task Manager and kill the AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
Then un-plug your iphone and re-connect. You should now be able to see the original menu asking to import pics.

K- tried the Task manager, kill AppleMobileDeviceService.exe idea... nothing happened :(
Also, apple just sent out a new update - I decided the issue is they changed something to make it impossible for ppl to put things on their phones from their computers- not realizing that now I can't go into my iphone on my computer and simply COPY the photos I want to download- my solution for now is to email myself each pic one at a (painful) time.


I have the exact same problem for some reason itunes recognises it but windows doesn't i tried what caio said but it still doesn't work it has no auto play option and is recognised as a device

I was able to fix this problem by using WinSCP to manually transfer the photos off of the iPhone.. once they were all gone from my iPhone, the Autoplay feature started working again as normal on my PC. The folder the photos are stored in is /var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE Hope this helps!

Your article solved my problem, somewhat indirectly. I couldn't import pictures from my iPhone because every picture gave a "Device not ready" error. After checking out the Control Panel options as described in the article, I also clicked "Options" in the Import Dialog. It turns out this lets you specify where the photos will be imported to. My iPhone was fine--the device that wasn't ready was my USB hard drive, which had moved itself to a different drive letter. Thanks, also, for showing me how to stop iTunes from running when I insert an audio CD.

Take a new photo.

Seems autoplay won't pop up if there is nothing new to transfer. I simply took a new photo and Windows magically knew I had something new there...

For the record, same deal here. iTunes would pop up for me but not autoplay.

YAY!! thanks Bill. After following all previous instructions and autoplay still not recognising my iphone i took a photo like you said, disconnected the phone from the PC and reconnected and all of a sudden it appeared. I had gone through autoplay beforehand and set it to import my photos via windows photo gallery so they downloaded straight away. THANK YOU!!!

My laptop running on vista refused to show my iphone in the explorer area - as soon as it was unplugged and another picture taken it loaded instantly - many thanks - Clarky

This worked for me too. I tried to download pics to a totally reset iphone and all of a sudden my PC could no longer see it but iTunes could. And no pics got downloaded. So I took a pic and then plugged the phone back in. Presto my PC can now see my iPhone. There are 2 driver icons that show up for the phone when it is working (Control Panel/View Devices and Printers). Only one when it is not.

Thanks, after taking a new pi, then disconnecting, and reconnecting to My laptop it started working again.

thanks bill, same thing happened to me but it seems this taking a new picture, disconnecting, and reconnecting thing is working. Odd way to fix things temporarily but at least i'm not the only one with this problem.

bill it worked, so simple, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

Its not showing up under my computer. Normally if there are no new pics, autoplay does not launch anything, but I do have new pics, and its not showing.

I uninstalled all APPLE apps. including Itunes, apple software update, apple mobile device support, bonjour, etc.

I showed all items in the USB area -- just clicking show all didn't show all... I had to change this value to 1:

System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\
Data Type: REG_SZ (String Value)
Value Data: (1 = show all hidden devices)

I clicked reset all defaults in the autoplay control panel. Interesting to note that after uninstalling everything "Apple iPhone" and the name I call my iPhone both still appear in the autoplay control panel.
As will all the other responces, iTunes does recognise and sync with the phone.

I had the same problem and found the fix. It was the i phone driver that needs deleting and re installing.

to do that go to control panel, hardware and sounds, device manager, portable devices. then click on i phone with the right mouse button. You may need the i phone connect to see this device, i'm not sure. Then select uninstall. once this has been done you can disconnect your i phone and plug it back in. the auto upload will now work. At least that worked for me.

Hope this helps


Rob, thank you very much! I did exactly what you said, after trying everything else everyone else recommended. Your advice was the only one that really seemed to work.. THANKS! ;D

thanks rob!! only thing that worked! was ready to throw the damn iphone 4 out the window there! more bother than they are worth!! cheers.


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