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How to set up TV Remote on a Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U is Nintendo’s newest console, and brings some amazing new mechanics. For example, it has a second screen on the gamepad, and it can control your TV. It might be a little confusing setting up TV Control for the first time, so just follow these steps.

On your Wii U home menu, navigate into the system settings.

2. Navigate to the icon highlighted in red.

3. Click on the large icon highlighted in red.

4. I already have one set up, so I’m going to click change, but your screen might show something different.

5. For the next step, I’m going to set up both my set-top box, and the TV. If you only want to set up the TV, click the box below the highlighted one, and then you can skip to step 15. To set up the set-top box click the highlighted box.

6. I have a cable box so I clicked on “Cable Box.”

7. I have a comcast set-top box, so I click on the “C.” Click on whichever letter is the beginning of yours.

8. Use the scrollbar on the right to navigate the menus and find yours.

9. Click on your provider.

10. Point the gamepad at your set-top box, and push the red power button. If you see any sort of reaction on your set-top box, skip to step 12. If not continue on.

11. It didn’t work for me the first time so I push “Didn’t Work”.

12. After this it switched to an alternate form of communication.

13. Push the red power button again. For me it worked this time, but if it doesn’t push “Didn’t Work” and keep trying until it does. If it did work, then just push “Worked”.

14. Now just push the highlighted button.

15. Next chose the first letter of your TV. I have a Samsung so I’m going to push “S.”

16. Scroll until you find your TV brand, and push it.

17. Point the gamepad at the TV, and push each highlighted button.

18. If they all work, push “Worked.” If not push “Didn’t Work” and do the same steps for the set-top box.

19. If you pushed “Worked,” just push “OK”.

20. Red then instructions and then push “OK.”

21. On the next screen push “OK.”

22. To access the TV control, push the TV Control button on the Wii U gamepad.

23. Now you can push these buttons the control the TV.

The Wii U is an amazing console, and Nintendo’s addition of controlling the TV is the kind of thing that makes Nintendo... well, Nintendo.

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