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How to keep Windows 10 from spying on everything you do

Windows 10 - Microsoft's new operating system that's free if you have a previous version of Windows - tracks everything you do on your computer. This includes web sites you visit, conversations you have via email or messaging, your calendar invitations, your contacts and much more... basically anything that can be used to fire targeted advertisements your way.

If you're not cool with this - and who would be?? - you can opt-out by following the steps below.

Here's how to stop Windows 10 from spying on you:

1. Open the Windows "Start Menu" and click "Settings".

2. Click on "Privacy".

3. Turn off all the location settings.

4. Click on "Location" on the left side of the screen.

5. Click "Change" and then turn off this last location setting.

Turning off these settings will keep your computer activities private, and will keep your computer from becoming a hub for targeted ads.

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