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My Top 10: Home Office Essentials

This year my day job has allowed me to work 100% from my home office. I love being able to skip the 45 minute commute into Portland, and I'm able to be very productive without the interruptions of a typical corporate office.

Here's a list of things that have made my home office an awesome place to work - My Top 10 Home Office Essentials (with an extra bonus item at the end)

1. Laptop

I have a Macbook Pro 15-inch Retina that I absolutely love. It also runs Windows using Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac. so I have full compatibility with Mac and PC applications and files.

2. Monitor

I have multiple windows open at a time on a large 24-inch Dell LED monitor, which gives me a big productivity boost since I don't have to switch between windows nearly as much.

3. Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax

I like the Epson Workforce product line because they offer a combination of printer, scanner, copier and fax at a great price.

4. Backup Hard Drive

I use an external backup drive that plugs into the USB port on my laptop, and Time Machine for the Mac handles regular backups.

5. USB Flash Drive

I often need to transfer large files to another computer, or need to get videos from someone else's computer. This 32 GB flash drive is super small and has plenty space for whatever types of file transfer I need to make.

6. Office Chair

I looked carefully for a chair that was comfortable and stylish, as it's something I spend a lot of time in each day. This leather chair from Alera fit the bill and was affordable too.

7. Wireless Router

I have a fast Comcast internet connection at home, but the wireless router they gave me has a very limited range. Instead, I plug in this Linksys router which covers my entire house with fast wireless internet.

8. Wireless Headset

I'm usually on the phone a few times a week and need my hands free. I also hate wires. This Logitech headset sounds amazing and the ear pads are comfortable.

9. Speaker System

When I have the house to myself, it's nice to crank up the tunes. I found these 70-watt speakers from Arion that sound incredible for under $50.

10. Power Strip

All of these electronics require electricity, which means a reliable power strip with plenty of outlets. These Belkin power strips have extra space between the outlets, which allows room for larger electrical plugs to fit easily next to each other.

I actually have 2 home offices - one upstairs in my office nook, and the other is a standing workstation in my garage that sits on top of my treadmill.

The desk is a double-decker that I built myself from Home Depot supplies. All together I spent about $65 on wood and hardware.

Here's a closer look at the desk itself. Let me know if you'd like some instructions on how to make one for yourself.

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