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How do I get a free cell phone?

Some people might think there's a catch when they see an offer for a free cell phone, but it's really just a matter of knowing one key piece of information: Wireless providers such as T-Mobile and Verizon make the vast majority of their money on monthly service rates - not on the phones they sell.

For example, if you pay $59.99 a month for a basic calling plan with T-Mobile, that adds up to about $720 a year (far more than the one-time price of a new phone)! Compare that to a new cell phone priced at around $200 and it's easy to see where they make their money - monthly subscriptions... not phone sales.

Can you see now why they're so willing to hand out free phones?

When considering where to look for free cell phone offers, you can go directly to a wireless service provider or look for an authorized wireless reseller.

  1. Direct through Wireless Providers
  2. Wireless service providers like T-Mobile make a lot more money from your monthly subscription than from the sale of a phone - so much so that they're always running promotional sales on brand new phones, complete with free shipping.

    Wireless from AT&TYou get to choose the monthly plan that works best for you, and you can carry over your current phone number from another wireless provider.

    AT&T also has some free phone offers worth looking at, such as the Nokia 6085. It comes with a free bluetooth headset, case, and car charger - perfect for the back to school student, or the business professional.

  3. Authorized Wireless Reseller
  4. If you'd like a little more variety in your choices of phones and providers, then look for an Authorized Wireless Reseller.

    An Authorized Wireless Reseller is a company like KoolPhone that markets all major wireless phone carriers and offers some attractive incentive programs. The advantage of going through a reseller is a much greater range of choices: you get to choose from any wireless provider, and any service plan, and you usually will have a wider selection of free cell phone offers to choose from.

    For example, you can get a free Motorola Razr from Koolphone plus free shipping with activated service plan. You can choose from AT&T, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other wireless service providers.

Remember, wireless service providers are still making a lot of money on your monthly subscription (which is the same regardless of whether you paid full price for the phone or got it for free - but personally, I'd much rather get the phone for free, and get some cash back along the way).

I haven't paid for one in over 6 years by finding free phone offers every two years, after my wireless provider contract expires - and I love getting a new phone every couple of years too.

I hope that after reading this article you'll never have to pay for a new cell phone again either.

I try to do in the wirefly web page but I have to start a two year contract agreement with t-mobile.....Can you please explain me how to do step by step? Thanks a million

Yes, that's correct. You'll need to sign up for a 2-year contract in order to get the free cell phone. You can either extend your existing contract if it's with the same provider, or wait until your current contract expires and then switch over.

It's a total monopoly here in Canada. The top 3 cell phone companies are raking in an insane amount of money through little add ons that they don't brag about in their ads like call display, call waiting etc. I decided to go with a prepaid cell phone after I am finished with my 3 year contract.

ok i am raly needin a cell phone bad do you kave any for me like a sidekick or someting?

I think that every kid should have a cell phone if they are just turning 10 or are over the age of 10. What if your child didn't have a cell phone and they got injured very badly around town and there was no one there and they couldn't hardly move their lower body, they would get stranded wherever they were and probably die sooner or later.You should buy your child or children a cellphone to prevent this huge mistake from happening.

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