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How do I get Facebook notifications on my Blackberry?

Question: hi i have question, i just downloaded facebook mobile onto my blackberry and my friends have facebook on their blackberry but they get a little icon with an f on the top of their screen when they get a notification or friend request or message and i just get a text from a code.

How would i be able to recieve that little blue f icon on the top of my blackberry and not just recieve a text from a 5 digit code? Please help me out!!! thank you!!

Answer: I received some great tips from a couple people who deserve the credit, so please read their answers below in the comments section. Many thanks to Dennis and @powerwheelz for the step-by-step instructions.

On a related note, if you're wondering where to get the Facebook app for your Blackberry, here's the link, and here's the Blackberry Facebook User's Guide.

Thanks to @powerwheelz for this helpful answer:

@rickysays getting the txt because facebook is setup through SMS, for configuring FB through an email, open FB, menu, options and run wizard.

Looked into this a bit, and let's see if this works.

First, turn off the Text Message Notifications:
1. Click Account in the upper right corner, and then select Account Settings.
2. Click the Mobile tab, and then in Text Are: click the Off button.

This should keep FB from sending SMS messages to your phone number, which I believe is a separate issue from having the FB icon show up on your Blackberry's screen.

Second, do some work in your Blackberry FB app:
1. Open the FB app on your Blackberry.
2. Press the Menu button on your BB, and then select Options.
3. Click Run Setup Wizard.
4. Select the items you want the BB to synch with FB, and then click Next.
5. Select an email address set up on your BB where you will have FB send updates.
6. Click Save.
7. Open Facebook on your computer's browser.
8. Click Account in the upper right corner, and then select Account Settings.
9. On the Settings tab, click Email.
10. Make sure that the email you selected on your BB is selected here on FB. If it is not listed, add the email address, and authorize the new email account. FB will send an email to that account. An email will also be sent to the current address to make sure some hacker didn't get into your account to change address without authorization.

Oh, yeah, and then you need to check the Notifications tab on Account Settings. Make sure that email is checked for any notifications you want sent to your BB.

I think that will take care of the problem. Good luck.

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