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How do I download pictures from my Samsung digital camera to my PC?

Question: I recieved a SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA for my birthday but the thing is that it was from 2nd hand and I don't have a USB cord. I was wondering if it was possible to download the picture to the computer using a USB cord from a SONY DIGITAL CAMERA and if it was possible how do I do it?

Sony's equipment has historically always been proprietary (only works with Sony), so mixing and matching cables won't work.

US data cables are fairly inexpensive and easy to order online. Wireless Emporium has Samsung data cables and often run free same day shipping offers.

Most digital cameras have a memory card that you can just plug into your computer to import to your hard drive. If you don't have a media slot on your computer, you can get a USB media reader card for about $10 - $15 that will plug into your USB slot just like a data cable.

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