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DIY Home Projects

This handy and inexpensive tool will extend the life of your Christmas lights and has fixed my lights year after year.

Hi Ricky, I need to find an electrician near me in the Beaverton, Oregon area. Who do you recommend?


With the foundation completed, it's time to lay down the deck boards. You'll spend the bulk of your money on this part, because deck boards are quite spendy - especially if you choose cedar.

Hot tubs are extremely heavy when loaded with water and people, and you'll need a solid platform to ensure the hot tub doesn't crack over time.

I have developed a tight system for putting up and taking down lights over the past few decades, that makes it fast and easy each year to get the job done. These tips will help make putting up Christmas lights a breeze

This year my day job has allowed me to work 100% from my home office. I love being able to skip the 45 minute commute into Portland, and I'm able to be very productive without the interruptions of a typical corporate office.

"NO AC" means your sprinkler system is not getting power and is running on it's backup battery. Here's how to check and fix this problem.

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