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Copy songs and photos from an iPhone or iPad over a wireless connection

Here's how to copy your songs, videos and files from an iPhone to a Mac or PC, over a wireless network connection - no cables required.

1. Download a copy of Laplink Sync and install on our Mac or Windows PC.

It will include a license for your iPhone as well, and a link to download the iPhone app from the Apple store.

2. Make sure Laplink Sync is running on both your iPhone and computer, and that both are connected to the same wireless network.

3. Choose the files you'd like to transfer. Laplink Sync will automatically recognize your iPhone and computer, and will let you choose what type of files you'd like to transfer.

You can choose photos, songs, videos, and files. It will also let you choose which direction to sync (from your iPhone to your computer, or from your computer to your iPhone) which makes it a very convenient way to transfer files in either direction and without having to hook up your USB cable.

4. Start the transfer.

Laplink Sync will put the files in the right places, and will show you the transfer progress along the way.

I've found this to be one of the easiest ways to transfer files and it works on both iPhones and iPads, and with either a Mac or Windows PC.

I like that it works over wifi, so I don't have to bother with cables (and I can even transfer files from my wife's laptop while she's using it, and without getting in her way).

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