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Question: I'm getting ready to sell my laptop to someone on Craigslist, and want to be sure they can't use a restore program to access any personal files I've deleted. Is there a way to do that?

If you have several documents that you need to scan and convert to a PDF file, here's an easy trick that uses your built-in printer software.

The iPhone's built-in Voice Memos app lets you record audio snippets and play them back later. Here's how to transfer a voice recording to your computer or send via email.

Connecting your Bluetooth wireless phone with your computer is called pairing. You can do this with any bluetooth-enabled phone.

Most USB ports are located on the back side of your computer, and are about 5/8-inch wide and 1/4-inch tall. Here's what it looks like...

I've heard of companies finding data that people thought they had deleted from their work computer. How do they do that? Might be good information in case I accidentally delete some important files from my home computer too!

Question: I need to have my notebook reconfigured but do not want to lose the programs. Can I move them to an external drive and then return them to my notebook as it is reconfigured? What is the best way to do this? 

Here are the basic steps to personalize and secure your wireless home network. You don't have to be technical to do this.

Question: I noticed recently that my computer runs in the middle of the night. I turn it off before I go to bed, but it starts up at around 3 in the morning. What is it doing and how do I turn it off? Do I have a virus?


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