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How to copy pictures from your iPhone to Windows

The iPhone's built-in camera makes it easy to snap decent quality photos, but the process for copying those photos to your computer using iTunes is clunky and a little different than you'd expect from most digital cameras.

Fortunately it's easy to just copy photos from your iPhone to your PC using Window's built-in photo importer.

1. Plug in your iPhone to your computer using the usb charging cable that comes with your iPhone.

Windows will detect your iPhone and ask you what you'd like to do:

2. Click "Import pictures" to start the import process.

3. Enter a keyword tag to let you easily find your pictures after they've been uploaded to your computer. The keyword tag will be used for the folder name that's created during the import.

4. Click the "Import" button to start the import process. You can also choose to remove photos from your iPhone once they've been uploaded.

Once your photos have been copied over to your computer, Windows will open the Photo Gallery and will show you the pictures you've just uploaded.

"No new pictures or videos were found on this device"

I deleted pics to under 195, but photos still cannot be found. Yet I'm LOOKING at them!!! So frustrating. Apple troubleshooting tips are not on point. Any ideas??


Same here! Wish someone would tell us whats the matter! Its never done this before..

When I connect the iphone and the import wizard comes up, when I click import it says access denied on each picture. However I am able to go to the phone thru My Computer and navigate to the folder on the phone and copy them that way to my pc. Any ideas why they would say access denied? I am stumped

This process has worked for a while but, i restored my computer about a week ago. & I just now plugged in my Iphone into my computer and it gives me the option to import these pictures, but once i click import pictures, it pops up saying " No new pictures or videos were found on this device." & I have about 700 pictures on my Phone. Someone help. Im not sure if the restoring is the issue, or do i HAVE to have Itunes to import pictures on my computer?
Someone email me if you know how to fix this issue.

Probably a simple question, but when I send photos from my Iphone to another email account (Vista operating system on the receiving computer), the jpeg's cannot be opened. Can not save and/or copy, gives an error message. Any ideas? Thank you.

My Dell with Windows Vista was near capacity, so I bought a 1TB Seagate FreeAgent Desk hard drive and cut and pasted all of our family photos into it. The CHEAP Seagate hard drive crashed in 35 days! My only hope is that I had downloaded nearly 4000 of our favorites photos/folders into my 32 GB IPhone 4... problem is the autoplay import pictures feature in Windows Vista only sees the pictures that we have actually taken with the Iphone, not those imported during a sync... I went to control panel, and all I see is the folder with the photos taken, I cant find, or the other folders seem to be hidden. Can anyone help? P.S. Seagate is junk, and they offer no support for your files, but they will replace the junk they sold you with more junk... whoopee. Don't Buy SEAGATE JUNK!

Import works but got the same date on all pics (import time). Pics were also imported in random order

Thank you! I changed the auto-play to "Ask every time" then selected Import Pictures like you said and worked perfectly. I'd been scratching my head for so long trying to work out how to get these all important pics and videos and this was such a simple answer.
Brilliant :D

Thank you so much! It was easy and I'm hoping you have another helpful, easy post for getting the Calendar and Contacts list backed up to Vista.

What if when you plugg in the i-Phone and select "Import Pictures" as you say, you get a reply that "no new pictures or videos found in thiw device"? Thanks

Easiest way I found:

Plug your iPhone into your computer. Open up 'my computer'. Your iPhone should be listed, right click on it and click on 'import pictures'

when i transfer photos from my iphone 4 ios 4.0 to my vista computer the resolution seems way lower. why? is there a way around this?

Thank you so much have had my iphone for nearly a year and I can finally get my pics onto my laptop :O)

The fix to the "No new pictures or videos were found on this device" with the iPhone and Windows 7 / Vista is to *turn off your passcode protection, disconnect the phone from your computer, reconnect it, and rerun the import*. Fixed. That's sort of a pain to have to do each time, but it's not that big of a deal I guess.

Hope this helps.

Tom YOU ROCK!!!!! I was wondering why my pics weren't showing up. Turned off the passcode and BAM!

Google rocks too

Hello! I have an iphone 4 and a PC. I have been told by several people that there are two ways to import the photos to my PC from the phone: firstly, but importing via Picasa, and secondly, by selecting "iphone" under "my computer" or viewing files when I plug my iphone into the PC.

I have tried ALL of these options with no luck. When I try to import via Picasa, the final import option button is still greyed and will not allow me to press it. I know that I've followed all of the correct steps. When I click on "iphone" under "my computer" or try to import via Microsoft explorer, i am told that no content is found on my iphone (no photos, videos, etc.)

Am I missing something here? How can I (without paying for pricey software) import these photos to my PC? And why am I having issues with the PCs (not just mine) recognizing that there is, in fact, photo content on the phone?

Any and all advice/suggestions/help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

hello guys is there any way to transfer the albums in my iphone to the pc(not camera roll)

Under Windows XP Professional (SP3), my iPhone 4 didn't show up in "My Computer", but it did appear on the Device Manager List, with the proper drivers installed (no yellow question mark).
In the Device Manager, I uninstalled the device, then searched for new Plug-and-Play devices. Everything went back to normal. I could import my photos using Windows scanning software.
Opening the iPhone in My Computer displays nothing. You must right click to select "Import Photos".

Hope it will help some of you.

thats all well and good but exploring yout IPhone via my computer for Photos only shows ones that have been taken with the camera, i have over 1600 photos on my phone in various named folders that i transfred there from Itunes, i have since formatted the machine and reinstalled i tunes, now i have no way of getting these photos back off my iphone to the PC, there is no option in Itunes to do this in fact they dont even show up at all, how it this done, as i just want to put them back on my PC

hi the pics are in another album in i phone .... wich does not show while transfering the pics .... please your help in this regard will surely be appreciated ....

United Arab Emirates

what do i do if the "auto play" in the first step dont apear whe i plug my iphone?

I have transferred some pics from the iphone to the computer as you described in this article. They were placed in a folder in my pictures file. I have tried to rename this folder and when this effort is done I get the following screen. "The action cannot be completed because the folder or file in it is open in another program. Close the folder or file and try again." I have other folders and have never had any problem renaming. I have no idea what folder or file would be open and no not know what to do, please advise my course of action. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.


thanks a million so easy with your instructions worked well thanks again

You need to remove the lock code and then plug in your iphone to see your pictures. Or that worked for me:)

arghhhhhhhhh this is what I bloody hate about apple.
I know is supposed to be easy- but it isnt.
You can view pictures from your camera roll from the iphone in windows explorer, but try and copy pictures from an album stored on the phone to the pc- you cant veiw them on the pc!!!

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks. I was able to get my photos from my iphone to my PC. How can I move them back to the iphone?

Doesn't work. I have Windows XP and apperantly does not read my iPhone with Windows XP

Hi, I used the process above to transfer photos off my laptop onto my iphone 4, now I cant delete them off my iphone, help! Thanks in advance!

thank you very much. it worked very well. was scratching my head around like hell before i read his. thanks a million.

Hi! I got no problem with importing the pictures, though when they are imported some of them are upsidedown. And I can't turn them right again, cuz the computer says something about that the picture can't be saved due to something wrong with the file type... So please help me turn things right! ;)

when i connect my iphone 4s to my comp (windows xp) it doesnt register at all. i cant find any icon for iphone on my computer. im a bit of a novice at computers and would be greatfull for any help

I was easily able to put my pictures from my iphone onto my computer. But when I went through to edit them, it won't let me. Error message "This picture can't be saved because of a problem with the pictures file properties". I've tried clicking the 'read only' box, I made sure they were in the form of a jpeg. I've copied them into a different folder. Nothing is letting me make changes to them. Any ideas? Thanks

After tring endlessly with all tips so far, I found the only way to get my photos was to plug iphone into computer without itunes downloaded onto it. Autoplay appeared instantly and allowed me to import the photos to windows gallery. This then allowed ne to back them up to a flash drive and put back into original computer with itunes.

OMG!!! Fabulous instructions for copying iPhone photo s from 5 to windows 7...onto external hard drive. Apple seems to like to be mysterous over user friendly. Now I can update to latest software update...

I have linked my iphone to my computer and now when my daughter attaches her to download files we get as far as the DCIM folder but it is empty - how can we get to see the pictures again?

I did everything you said to do to import pictures and i still get the message 'no new pictures.' Help!!!  Thanks!


Thanks man! You are God send! I am sick and tired of using apple's stupid ways to do most basic things....


This is the simplest and best answer...works like a charm...and I am so happy to know that people like you live on this earth who would help other fellow members!


Reallly appreciate this man!


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