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Transfer Blackberry Contacts to an iPhone

Just traded in your Blackberry for a shiny new iPhone? Here's how to transfer contacts from your old Blackberry to your new iPhone, and without buying anything extra along the way (completely free solution).

We'll do this in two main steps:

1. Transfer contacts from the Blackberry address book to Outlook on your computer (or Windows Mail).

2. Sync your iPhone with your computer using iTunes, which will transfer the contacts from Outlook to your iPhone.

Make sure that both the Blackberry Desktop Manager and iTunes are installed on your system, and that your Blackberry is connected to your computer with a usb data cable.

1. Transfer contacts from a Blackberry to Outlook

Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager program and click "Synchronize" from the main menu screen. Select "Synchronization" below the Configuration menu option to get to the Synchronization Configuration screen.

There you'll click the "Synchronization" button to configure the synchronization settings. (that was a mouthfull of synch-related words wasn't it? Hang in there)

You'll be asked to choose the device applications to synchronize. Choose "Address Book", and then choose "Outlook". If you don't have Outlook on your system, then you can choose "Windows Mail" instead.

Next you'll configure how you want to sync your contacts, either bi-directionally or just from your blackberry to Outlook (which is the option I chose):

Click "Next" and then "Finish" to complete the synchronization settings. This will take you back to the synchronization screen.

Make sure you check the option to "Synchronize organizer data". This is the setting that tells the program to sync your contacts.

Click the "Synchronize" button to copy the contacts from your Blackberry to your Outlook contacts. You can open Outlook after the sync has completed, and you should see your Blackberry addresses in your Outlook contacts folder.

2. Transfer contacts from Outlook to an iPhone

You can import Outlook contacts to your iPhone by syncing your iPhone with iTunes.

Plug your iPhone into your computer and wait for iTunes to automatically launch (or run iTunes from the Start menu if necessary).

Select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Info tab, and then click the checkboxes to sync your contacts. Choose Outlook as the application to sync with.

Click Apply, then click Sync.

This will copy the contacts from Outlook over to your iPhone. Remember however, that you can only sync your iPhone with one computer at a time. If you later decide to sync with another computer, your contacts will be erased.

Our work here is finished, and your Blackberry contacts will now be copied over to your iPhone.

Brilliant! this is what I call HELPFUL. worked like mint. thank you very much

Finally. A tutorial that actually works the way it is supposed to. Thank you so much for these instructions. It seriously took no time at all so I could get my phone up and running before I left for work. Not to mention, everything was clear and understandable.

Thank you so much. My BB got wet and did not work properly anymore but I was able to still connect to BB Desktop. My biggest concern was that I had lost all of my contacts but thanks to your easy to follow instructions I was able to transfer them all to my Iphone. Even the Bozo's where I bought my phone could not tell me if this was possible or not. Thanks again, you are a lifesaver.

Thank you for the tips! Did not use exactly your options but it all worked anyhow! Great web-based advice! :)) THANK YOU!

Hi Rick,

I was able to sync my blackberry to my desktop, but I don't have an Outlook with my MacBook Pro, but I have an address book from my macBook pro, so how do I transfer the ocntacts from my mac address book to my iPhone?

Help, please thanks.

bundle of thnx for this help...it really work

I had been struggling to copy my contacts from my blackberry to my IPHONE!


Rich Says ~ Thank you so much for this information! Worked like a charm. The only reason it took me awhile to transfer is that I had the Blackberry Manager on my work computer, not home. After going through the new install on home comp, Only took about 30 secs for me to load my info from my Crackberry to my new iPhone!

You saved me a great deal of time and headache! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

It shows no applications configured for sync when i try and sync it .

My blackberry was stolen and now changed it for an Iphone, can I recover my contacts? I had made a security copy but not able to find the contacts on my pc

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I now need to transfer the calendar from the BB to the IPhone. suggestions?

Hi Rick,

The BB Desktop Manager on my Mac is acting up, each time I launch it, it tells me there is a newer version of the software and when I try to install the new version I downloaded it doesn't work.
Can you proffer any solutions?


I don't have Outlook and don't plan to use any Micro$oft products.

Any other way?

Rickysays and Ricykdoes -nice - many thanks

I use Yahoo for my email, not Outlook. Can I still export my Bberry information to my iphone? Help please!

Worked perfectly. I synched through Windows instead of Outlook and everything moved over to my iPhone without a hitch. Thanks!

you are my hero! I had 300 contacts and could not figure this out for the life of me. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!1

Dude, this was UNREAL! I'm a journalist so had a good few thousand contacts I thought I wasn't going to be able to save to my iPhone without getting a new SIM card (I cancelled my original SIM card from BB and got a mini-SIM for my iPhone, therefore missed the easiest way of transferring contacts by using gmail Sync.
Thanks again!

Dear Ricky,
The contacts did copy but the phone numbers saved under the field 'OTHER' in blackberry did not appear in the iphone contacts. Please help urgently....


There is a online service, called iCM Code (https://icmcode.com/) that let’s copy all your contacts in 2 steps. It’s not free, you have to buy an app for 2$, but works great.

Just tried to transfer BB contacts to I phone and fell at the first hurdle. The "synchronisation" button on the sych configuration screen is grey out and not working. Help!

Hi Rick,
Thank you. The tutorial works and runs well.
You have made it so easy to do.

I used CopyTrans Contacts to transfer my old BlackBerry contacts to my new iPhone 5. Worked like a charm.

Your article has helped me a lot! I managed to copy 865 contacts to my iPhone. (Can't imagine if I have to input it one by one)
It was a bit of work as my PC has an outdated version of iTunes, and I have never install Blackberry Desktop Software before. However, it was worth the effort though..
Good job and thank you for sharing this to the world! Much appreciated..


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