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Transfer pictures from a Blackberry phone to your computer

Question: I have some pictures I took with my Blackberry Curve that I'd like to copy over to my computer. How do I do this? Answer: Blackberry phones give you several choices for copying photos to your computer, or for copying them from your computer to your Blackberry. These instructions also work for copying music files and videos.

1. Transfer via email.

This is the easiest way, and doesn't cost any money because data transfer is included in the Blackberry service. First open the picture open on your Blackberry by tapping Media -> Pictures -> My Pictures -- and then finding your picture. Then press the menu button and select "Send As Email" (you have to scroll down a ways on the menu to find this option).

The email will show up on your computer with a file attachment containing your picture in jpg format, which is compatible with any photo imaging program like MS Paint on Windows, or Preview on a Mac. The only drawback with the email approach is that you can only send ONE picture at a time, which gets a little tedious if you have several pictures you'd like to copy to your computer. In that case I recommend the USB data cable approach described in option #3 below.

2. Transfer using bluetooth.

You can also transfer photos using Bluetooth, as long as your computer is within 30 feet of your phone. Open the Media application on your Blackberry to view your pictures, and open the picture that you want to transfer. Press the menu button and select "Send Using Bluetooth" (you'll have to scroll down the menu towards the bottom to see this option).

You have to have Bluetooth enabled on your BB, otherwise you'll see a warning message:

If you get this message, then go back to the main Blackberry screen and select the "Set Up Bluetooth" application. Make sure your computer has a Bluetooth adapter and has Bluetooth turned on, and your Blackberry will try to discover it.

If you need help pairing your Bluetooth-enabled Blackberry with your computer, check out this article that includes step-by-step instructions for turning on Bluetooth on your computer and pairing it with a Blackberry Curve 8310: http://www.rickysays.com/pair-bluetooth-device-with-computer Once your computer and Blackberry have paired together (connected), then you'll be able to go back to the Media screen, select your picture and choose the "Send Using Bluetooth" menu. On your computer, you may need to right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar and select "Receive File", and then choose where you'd like to save the incoming file. Keep in mind that with Bluetooth you'll only be able to transfer one file at a time.

3. Transfer using a USB data cable.

With a USB data cable you can copy ALL your pictures to your computer in one shot, instead of sending them one at a time like with the email and bluetooth options described above. This option is a lot faster for transferring multiple pictures from a vacation trip or night out with friends.

You'll need the Blackberry Desktop Manager software that came with your phone to be installed (which can also be downloaded here) and a USB data cable. Don't have a usb data cable or didn't get one with your phone? You can get one on Amazon for a few bucks. Once you have the software installed, connect your Blackberry with the usb cable and plug the other end into an open usb port on your computer. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager software, choose the Media Manager option, and you'll see a Windows Explorer-like interface that will let you select the files you want to transfer.

You'll be able to copy multiple music files, videos, pictures, contacts, notes, etc from your Blackberry to your computer, or from your computer to your Blackberry.

Just select the pictures that you want to copy from the bottom view under My Devices (your Blackberry, or the memory card on your Blackberry) and drag them up to the Pictures folder in the top region of the screen, under My Media. You can also select the Folder tab and copy them into any folder on your hard drive.

I prefer the Send As Email option if I just have a single file to send over, but if I have several photos to transfer then the USB data cable approach is much more efficient because it lets you transfer multiple pictures in one shot.

hi i'm trying to transfer file from my comp to my blackberry too and i did what you said here and stil not working. um i installed desktop manager 4.5 and i have the blackberry 8320. is that the right program for my phone model. also i in the media manager under my device it said there is no device connected when i already connect my phone to the computer with a usb cable. Pls help. thank you

Hi, If you are not able to connect through Desktop Manager then you can connect the handheld through Mass Storage and do the transfer. For that enable the prompt for asking mode of connect every time your connect phone to the PC and then connect. Connect phone as Mass Storage and transfer the data.

I tried all this and when i go to bb desktop there is no media manager?? whats the problem?? i also tried to back up and look for my fliks like that but my wmp wont load ipd files?? help..

hi, the problem might be that the media manager is inside the media option? that was the problem for me. whereas im not sure about the backing up, but i s'posse the site owner knows best. hope this sort of helps.

I already did this with my media card in my blackberry...but it won't find the pictures that is saved in the device memory. I took the media card out and tried to get my computer to read just the device memory but it said that no pic files were located. Is there a way to copy the device memory files to the media card?

I followed all instructions but when I get to the the main menu and click media manager it takes me to the media screen but wont allow me to click. It is in a dull grey and the hand wont even light up the install button. The media sync is lit up and working but I cant get into the media manager. Can you help!?!

Ok, for all of you that did see any of your pictures when attempted to copy/transfer your pictures this is what I did and worked for me.

From Ricks Instructions (with USB cable):
1. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager
- Select Madia Manager
- Then Roxio will open up (it may install if its the first time)
- Connect your Blackberry device if it isnt already and give it about 5 seconds (enter password if you have one set)
- Now you should see exactly what Rick has in the second screenshot of this portion.
- If you dont see it then disconnect the usb from the device and reconnect it.
- It will come up eventually it just needs to look for the drivers and files.
- then browser for your pictures on the device from the folders below on the left panel.
- then you should know the rest... copy up / disconnect / connect the other device and copy down.

Sorry if the steps comes out all screw up, its my first time posting and I thought I would share the solution.

Thanks Rick!

Thanks to Hamilton! Couldn't see my BB photos at first, but after disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable they appeared.

my blackberry died and i need to rescue a lot of pics, when i launch roxio media manager i can see the pics on the device but it freezes up when i try to do anything. how can i get these irreplaceable pics of my baby off my bb and onto my computer? Thank you!!!

this is first time trying to transfer pictures from blackberry to computer, what do you mean copy up/disconnect/connect the other device and copy down

Does anyone know of a way to connect the usb cable and be able to import photos from my blackberry to my computer without installing the blackberry desktop manager? I had the desktop manager on my laptop for like a day, but I uninstalled it, because it slowed my system down.

i don't know who designed this media manager thing but let me just it is not userfriendly, and there isn't anything in the manual that helps.

I did not have a media card, but i did have my usb cable. this is what i did. i downloaded the 5.0 version of bb desktop manager from att website, go to it search for blackberry desktop software, you will see where it says to download, make sure you select the one that says download with media manager. Save the program so that it can download. This download will take 1 hour Then u will see a screen that has media manager launch, click it then it will tell you that you need to install media manager, say yes, this took 2 hours for me. once that happened, it will then tell you to restart your computer.

okay,after all of that connect your bb to the computer with a usb cable, you see on the screen of your bb that it is connected.
click on your bb desktop icon, click media manager, you will see a picture like the one shown above, click split view you will then see half the screen my media, the bottom half my device(bb) on the bottom screen
go to the picture folder, all your pictures should pop up on the bottom screen. to copy onto ur computer, hit the new folder tab icon that's located to the right of the my media tab. then go back to the bottom half of the screen click your photo then hit copy up that should do it. I don't know how to select all the pictures to copy at once, sorry. hope this helps

Thanks - this totally helped me and I was able to transfer the pics efficiently via USB cable.

Thanks for above instructions. I followed these and was able to copy the pictures, but the details of when each photo were taken weren't copied. Is there any way to do this please?

I am using a usb cable via bb desktop manager. I installed in my house computer and in my work computer. In both cases the software (Roxio for Blackberry) is extremely slow. If I only click in one of the device pictures it gets freeze and reacts after almost a minute. Hardware is not a problem, both systems are in perfect shape. Any recomendation?

Thanks in advance.
Please email your answer to omar.rosado@cwpanama.com

I got the Blackberry Curve 8900 last week, I installed the desktop manager v5.0.1 but had to install Media Manager seperately. I click launch to open MM but the Desktop Manager goes blank, then comes back within seconds as though nothing was clicked. The Media Manager just simply won't open and I have noooo idea what to do to get the pictures onto my laptop! Any ideas? I don't have a usb data key and I don't know how to set up email on my B/Berry!

I usually don't use the disks that come with the cell phones, I appreciate that reminder! I was frustrated when I plugged in my BB and nothing happened. =]

Best answer yet by far! Thanks alot! I have been trying for two weeks to do this and you were able to show me (and the rest of the world) how to do it in 2 mins or less! Thanks alot!
Brandy J

I just upgraded my phone (Katana) to a bb after 3 years. Lucky for me, the employee at the store transferred my pics to my new phone. All of my old pics were stored under DEVICE MEMORY in the bb and for some reason, I could not download them to my laptop. I found this site and decided to try it. At first I could not get the software to download, but after I restarted my laptop everything worked fine.

Thank you Ricky!!

I was able to complete all those steps. Now I want to post the video to Facebook and email to myself. But the file type is strange. Is there not a simple way to do this? It's been hours of just trying to get one video between the desktop manager download and the confusion.

I've used Roxio Media Manager for a while now and when I first started using it, I used to be able to hit Select All in my photos from my BB and Copy Up and it would only copy the pictures that were new and not already saved. It no longer does that and tries to save all pictures instead of just the new ones, which is a problem as I have a lot of pictures. Any way to change this?

Ricky thanks for excellent 'How To' post. I simply followed your instructions and got both videos and pictures off a BlackBerry 9000 in one shot using the USB cable. I am a first time user with no experience with smart phones, again thanks.

To copy multiple pictures at once. Hold down the shift key, click your first picture and scroll down to your last picture and hold down shift key and click your last picture. All pictures should be highlighted. Click copy up. To copy up select pictures you would hold CTRL and highlight your desire photos to be copied up. Hope this help.

Another and easier way to select all photos is to select Edit on Media Manager and click select all

After sitting and watching the software download and install (reminds me of the days of AOL updates via modem - yawn...) on my Acer netbook - I tried to start up the Desktop manager software and the message 'Change Display Settings' popped up. I tried every which way to change to settings yet, it reverts back to the old settings and I get the same message again. I am so frustrated. We took over 100 pics on the BB in Hawaii and can't even transfer them. Is there an easier way? Why can't BB adopt the popular 'plug and play' process? In the meantime, can someone help me with my display issue? Thanks!

hi i need help with the bb 9700. i am trying 2 put the pikz from my bb to my computer but it wont work. when i open my desktop manager, i click media but it tells me 2 install....i tried clicking install but it tells me 2 insert a disk but i dont have the disk. what should i do? PLEASE help...=)

if you have a mac just connect your bb to Blackberry Desktop Manager and go to either iphoto or itunes and click "File" and then "Add to Library..." Then just go to the finder and click on what file you want added to that particular library. Its really easy and fast.

thanks so much for that info... it really helped me. I should have know it would be easier with a mac :)

For those that are Mac users that are trying to transfer music or pics from blackberry to computer:

Open the Media Manager, hook up your BB etc.

Open either iTunes or iPhoto and click "File" and then "Add to Library..."

Then just choose which files you want from the Finder and it will begin to transfer the music or photos from your Blackberry.

I can upload my pictures from my BB, but, only from the device memory. It does not show the media card like the second photo. I have media card support on and off, same with mass storage, on and off, unplugged USB etc, and can not get the media card to show up below the device memory. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I am using an Acer laptop - you know, the half-pint size? It's top screen resolution is 1024x600. The BlackBerry desktop manager says to set screen res to 1024x768. Why desktop res should make any difference to the transfer of an image file is beyond logic.

I have been reading the problems other users are having with software being wiped from hard drives and replaced with this one, and only being able to use Verizon. It kinda seems like this 258MB (huge / bloated) App falls under the conspiracy theorists' banner.

All I want to do is transfer images without having to email each and every one of my pix separately. Seems to me that if BlackBerry are going to provide a camera, then BlackBerry should also provide a convenient way to transfer the pictures.

After trying to get this thing to work for 7 hours and getting no results, I am thinking this application is not ready for release.

I have a macbook and want to transfer my photos from my blackberry so I can switch to an iphone. Blackberry Desktop manager is different for a mac and I can backup all my data etc, but don't know how to view it or save it to my computer? Can you help please?


Your instructions to download pictures from my PC to my Blackberry from the Media Manager were PERFECT. Very user friendly & it worked PERFECTLY! THANK YOU!!!!


Thanks for your useful instructions, they are really very helpful.

I downloaded blackberry desktop software and sync it with the device, but I still cannot transfer pictures. Everytime I click on "Media" I get "media storage is not available."
How can I transfer pic at this point

the blackberry desktop manager doesn't see any pics on my device. I can't select anything to download. Can anyone suggest what to do next.


I am trying to transfer many BB pictures and videos to my computer via USB cable. I read the instructions on your post but my BB interface doesn't look like the sample. I just downloaded it so I think it is the latest. Mine says BlackBerry Desktop Software (not Desktop "Manager")?? Mine has the following selections down the left side: BlackBerry Bold 9700; Applications; Organizer; and Media Sync with: Music, Pictures and Videos. I hit Pictures and Videos and it says media services are not available and tells me to hook up the USB and make sure the mass media selection is on. I do but nothing ever happens. It is driving me nuts!


Hi Allen,

Did you get that fixed? I'm having the same problem.

Many Thanks,


How can you send a picture that someone sent to me on my Blackberry, from their cell phone that doesn't have internet capabilities, to someone's computer?

Thanks Rick! Piece of cake! I was initially trying to reinvent the wheel. I am really under-utilizing my BB.

when i select media it then takes me to two further options as opposed to the file page as you suggested. It has 'media manager- to transfer media from the pc to the BB' or 'BB media sync- to transfer music from pc to BB'
Im not seeing an option to load pics from my bb to my pc? please help. Thanku

their desktop software is crap. it won't read the memory on my phone, also I cannot access via windows as it cannot read the memory. seems like these should be ultimately compatible and not be horribly complicated with confusing choices that all take a lot of time and effort.

I downloaded the software but when I connect the device it isn't picking anything up?? what do I do????????

Good article. As a note, for the older Blackberrys where you are trying to retrieve the data off of the device's memory and not the SD memory card, you need to use desktop manager, version 4.6 (possibly 4.7) to do so. I tried using the v.6 with my 8320 and it wouldn't access the device's memory, only the memory card.

I hope this saves someone some trouble!


I have the Blackberry Curve 8520. I plugged my BB into my computer with the USB cable and the usual message pops up about confirming the transfer with the computer etc and i said yes, but the message kept popping up ( maybe the wire was not plugged in properly) but yeah, so i clicked 'hide' and i don't know how to get the message back, i can't connect my bb to my computer now. Is there any way of getting the message back? or another way to confirm the connection with the USB cable?

Hopefully, this question makes sense, sorry :)

Please and Thank You!


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