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How can I transfer my itunes songs and videos to my Blackberry Curve?

Question: How can I transfer my itunes songs and videos into my Blackberry 8330 curve?

Answer: Blackberry curves let you play mp3 music just like an iPod, and you can transfer songs and videos from iTunes to your Blackberry using an SD Micro memory card and a USB card reader.

Here's how to transfer music files from your computer to a Blackberry:

1. Plug an SD Micro memory card into your computer.

Blackberry Curves come with 64 megs of built-in memory, which is barely enough for even a single music album.

Sandisk MicroSD 2GB MemoryFortunately, the Curve also has a memory expansion slot that allows up to 4 gigabytes of SD flash memory - the same amount of storage as an iPod nano. You can get a 3-in-1 microSD/miniSD/SD Kit from Wireless Emporium, which is enough for thousands of songs.

Combine it with a USB card reader (also available for a few bucks at Wireless Emporium), and you'll be able to plug it directly into your computer or laptop and transfer songs or videos to it from iTunes. 

2. Copy music from your computer onto the SD Micro card. 

The trick is knowing where to find your iTunes music files on your computer.

  • On Vista you'll find your iTunes music files in C:\Users\your.username\Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music.
  • On Windows XP it's under My Documents\My Music\iTunes. 

3. Plug the SD Micro card into your Blackberry.

The memory expansion slot is located behind the battery, so you'll need to turn off your Blackberry and remove the battery to get to it. The memory expansion slot takes SD Micro flash disks, which are about 1 cm in size.

This approach works on both Windows and Macs.

how do i copy music from itunes to a memory card when i get the music tranfered i will plug the card into my car stereoi have a card slot on my stereo

Sure, all you need is a memory card reader that plugs into the usb port on your mac. You plug in the sd micro card into the card reader, copy music files over to it, and then plug it into your Blackberry.

I have the same problem loading my itunes music to an sd card for my Blackberry world edition

how can I transfer my itunes songs from my PC to my VW chocolate cell phone?

Hi, thanks so much for all your help!
My itune files on my computer are not in mp3s but rather they are in mpeg4 format. when I transferred them onto my blackberry they didn't convert and didn't play, and they didn't even show up on my blackberry either. what should i do?


Hi Ricky- a quick correction. You are correct that DRM (Digital Rights Management)-protected iTunes files cannot be played on your Blackberry. DRM applies to songs that were purchased directly from the iTunes store.

However, if someone rips music onto their their computer directly from a CD, and uses the iTunes format, they can in fact play these songs on their Blackberry, even if they are not MP3's.
(And to confirm, I just navigated into iTunes to a bunch of music that I had ripped last month from CD, labeled as .m4A files, and moved them over to my Blackberry Curve. They are playing as I write this without issue).

One more nice item: you do not need a card reader to put music onto your MicroSD card. The Blackberry itself can handle this function via USB cable, even on Macs.

Have a good one!

Thanks for the tips, Nate - much appreciated.

I'll update the article with the usb data cable info, which is indeed correct (and you can use the free software that comes with your Blackberry to transfer files over to the memory card too).

how do i transfer itunes music and pictures from my macbook air to my blackberry curve memory card?

When I copy from my Itunes library on my Mac to an SD card for my Blackberry how can I make sure it is sorted /identified the same way as my I tunes library on the Mac? When I do it, the albums and artists are not identified. There is no organization to the library.

I have windows XP Home Edition.. I am attempting to transfer ITUNE music files to a new 4GB Micro SDHC . The card came with a card reader. My question is this. How do I tranfer files from ITUNES to the card? I inserted the card in my USB port and the computer found the new hardware.

I just transferred music to my BB curve using the software that came with it. I hope that helps someone.

I cant transfer files to the media card on my bb curve 8310. Roxio does not recognize there is a media card in the phone. All the options on my phone are set to yes and on under media card my phone is unlocked if that matters.

hi Rick! thanks for the article about making ring tones for free, great help. i do have a question about how to transfer videos purchased on itunes to a blackberry, i tried it with the sd card, but when i want to open the file on my phone it won't open. i'd appreciate your help.

hi Rick! thanks for the article about making ring tones for free, great help. i do have a question about how to transfer videos purchased on itunes to a blackberry, i tried it with the sd card, but when i want to open the file on my phone it won't open. i'd appreciate your help.

ok when i go to put music onto my blackberry i go to put it on and it tells me there isnt enough room on the "disk"?? what does this exactly mean? like i have a memory card that has nothing on it, and im not able to put any music on my blackberry. what am i doing wrong?

I have a BB Pearl 8110 and a 8GB SDHC memory card. I can load mp3 files but when I try to play them nothing happens. I have formatted my memory card. What can I do to get the music to play? Thanks Rick.

To the person who ran out of disc space, make sure you've selected the SD card and not the internal memory. The disc drop down menu is the last file in the list of the bottom window. I made this mistake the first time as well. If you pick from the top list which is the on board ROM you'd be lucky to get 10 songs on it. 64 megs doesn't go as far as it used to.

Also, is it just me or does it take hours to transfer a movie file using the BB converter? I've been watching this move like a slug for an hour and a half and the WMV file is only 650 meg??

If there is drm protection on the music, you have to remove drm first, either by cd buning and ripping or use some 3rd party software.
If not drm protected, you can just google some free converters to convert the format easily.I use daniusoft video converter to convert my music, it is a good tool, howerver, not freeware.

how can i transfer music from my IMac to my blackberry curve ?? please help i want my music everywhere i go !!!

how do i put movies and videos on my blackberry curve and what format do i need to do this thx richard taylor

I have a BB Pearl 8100 and I can't seem to put music into it. I have a 2-GB SD memory card with USB connectero that reads the card. Also, about how many songs will 2-GB card hold? I only want this card for music.

Also, all of my songs are on ITunes, so how can I transfer them.

Also, can I transfer my pictures from my computer onto my BB?


can i transfer my itunes music to my samsung delve phone? i really hope so!

Thank you so much for Chrystal Clear answers! Thank you for being out there knowing the answers.
Happy Easter.

I read your instructions on how to transfer my I tunes to my blackberry curve 2. It was very helpful . - did locate my itunes songs in my documents , but u say to copy them , do I just select copy , or do I have to copy them to a spcific location ? I also have the card . But I think I need to purchase the cord that plugs the card into the computer. Usb cord ? And one last quwstion once I copy the songs will they be deleted from my I tunes . Thank u soo much for your help . C.A

Hi! I have a data plan of like 200 MB per month, so i don't have unlimited data usage. This might be a stupid question, but does it use up any data or cost money to transfer music/pics from my comp to my blackberry? Thanks.

Using the micro card or USB approaches described above will not require any connectivity with your phone carrier, so it won't use up any data time or cost any phone carrier charges.

Hi, I loaded MP4 videos (130MB) from my computer onto my 8G SD micro card and then put that into my BB Curve, found them in the video file but when I try to play them it just continually flashes the word "loading". Not sure what to do... help

does anyone know how i can put a movie on my blackberry 8530 cell. i have movies on my computer,and i would like to try and put one on my phone. I would apprecaite any help. thank youo

Rick, is there a way to download all the music from my brothers ipod to my laptop? everytime I plug in the ipod it says that I if I transfer it it will remove everything that is stored on the Ipod. I have itunes installed, but obviously dont want to delete everything on his ipod. Is there a way to do it?

my blackberry curve 8520 wont play the mp3 song after idownload/syn(itune) from my pc using BB destop manager .it says the media being play is of an unsupported format.Pls Help me!

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