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How do you change the desktop wallpaper for multiple computers on a network?

Question: Suppose we have a networking in a LAB and i have total rights over all other systems on the LAN. Now how to change the wallpaper of the system which is there on the LAN???

Answer: This question has been heroically rescued from the Open Questions forum by Greg Woosley. You can view his reply below, and stop by his website at http://codenoter.blogspot.com/ for some useful tips on "tricky geek things he's figured out once and doesn't want to figure out again later".

Assuming Windows XP, wallpaper is a user profile property. If profiles are defined in a Windows Domain, an admin can adjust them with a profile policy - setting a default, disallowing customization if you want, etc. If they are local to each computer, you just have to go manually change them on each computer.

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