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Changing Your Blackberry Email Signature

If you own a Blackberry, you know why they call them Crack-berries, because once you start using them you quickly become addicted to the instant email notifications, and the ability to easily type a reply from anywhere you have wireless phone service.

By default, your Blackberry service will include a "Sent via Blackberry" line at the end of each email message you send from your Blackberry device. You can change this to make it more personal, or to include contact information. You can also remove it if you'd rather hide the fact that you're using a Blackberry to send email.

You'll need to log onto a web browser in order to change your Blackberry email signature, which is the case whether you're using the Pearl, the Curve, or the regular Blackberry phone.

For AT&T customers, log on to your account at https://att.blackberry.com/ or create a new account using a login of your choice. Once logged in, you can add multiple email accounts to your Blackberry service by providing your email address, username, and password. I was able to set up both my work email and my personal email.

Once you've created an email account, you'll see a link for editing your account. Click "Edit" and you'll see a field for entering a custom signature line. Make your changes and save them, and the next time you send email from your Crackberry, your message will include the signature line at the end.

You won't see the signature line from your Blackberry mobile device when you're composing your email message, but be assured that it will be added to each outgoing message. You can even send an email to yourself from your Blackberry to test it out and make sure it looks the way you expected it to.

Here are the email account configuration links for a few other Blackberry service providers:

I followed the above, but when I click edit under one of the email accounts, and click the ? next to "signature" I get an error 404: Not Found
The page you are trying to load could not be found. Please try loading a different page?

Any help is appreciated!


I get that as well, but you don't need to click that "?" icon in order to change your signature. Just enter your signature in the text field and leave the question mark icon alone :-)

Hi,I would like to know the reason behind the automatic signature message you get when you send a message from your black berry....'sent from my black berry'...


I get the same message as the above post when trying to edit the email account on my device and the signature field bellow does not appear as a modifiable field like the "email", "your password", "your name" fields. I tried to go to BlackBerry Services from my computer (using the link you mentioned for Verizon) and when trying to set up an account I get a message that my phone can't be reached by HTML and that I should access the Black Berry Internet Service from my device. When I do that I get to the same place where the signature can't be modified (as the post above). It's frustrating. Any help? Thank you!

I followed the above, but when I click edit under one of the email accounts, and click the ? next to "signature" I get an error 404: Not Found
The page you are trying to load could not be found. Please try loading a different page?
railway fish plate
Any help is appreciated!

Stupid BlackBerry.com wasn't helping at all in changing my signature.

Thank you much [=

worked great on my sprint network balckberry.

When I reply to an e-mail, the signature is always at the very bottom of the e-mail so after a couple replies, the end of the e-mail has multiple signatures and the actual body of the e-mail has none. Any idea on how to get the signature to be at the bottom of each reply?

Mine email signature is also at the end and cant seem to get it correctly positioned; how di you sort it out?

The instructions about opening email settings and deleting the signature line worked perfect! Im so grateful.. thanks for the info. Verizon tech rep was less than helpful about me removing the signature line "sent from my VZW blackberry."

How do I change the custom signature to the default one again?

Can you add a link in the signature field? If so.....how?

How do I indent script in a signature? For example, when I change the signature to read

" Your friend,


with the script starting about the midway point, the spacing before "Your" and "George" is deleted when I send email: The signature reads,

"Your friend,


All spaces before text are deleted.

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