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Why can't I connect to the Internet with my iPod touch?

Question: I own the iPod touch but am having difficulty getting a wifi signal. How do I get around this?

Answer: The iPod touch gives you wireless access to the web, but only if you're in range of a wifi access point.

From Apple's web site: "iPod touch finds wireless networks and connects you to the Internet". That can be a little misleading to some people, especially since not everyone knows that most wireless networks only have a range of a few hundred yards.

Not all wifi networks allow free Internet access either. Many wifi centers like Starbucks or McDonald's charge you 2 or 3 bucks for the connectivity, which can add up quickly!

Here's how to connect to the Internet with an iPod touch:

Assuming you have a wifi network at home, or are near a wifi hotspot, go to Settings and then Wi-Fi on your iPod touch.

Choose your Network, and enter a Password if prompted, and you should be connected to the internet. Note: Make sure the password you enter is the password for the wifi network and not the password for your computer.

If you don't see a network in the list of networks, then you might not be in range of any wifi access points.

Connecting to Commercial Networks (hotels, cafes, etc)

If you're trying to connect to a cafe wifi like Peet's Coffee, or a hotel wifi network like The Hilton, then you'll usually need to agree to their Terms & Conditions before they'll let you access the internet or check email.

Open Safari and try to visit a web site like google.com and you'll see their terms and conditions page. Accept the terms (and pay any usage fees if applicable) and you should be able to get online.

Try renewing the DHCP lease

If you are having issues connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, like at an airport or coffee shop, try renewing your DHCP lease.

1. Tap Settings >> Wi-Fi Networks, then tap More Info () next to the network.
2. In the DHCP panel, select the Renew Lease button.

Try forgetting the network

Sometimes it's possible to resolve itouch/iphone network issues by removing the network connection and letting the device recognize the network from scratch.

Follow the same steps above for opening network settings, but click "Forget Network" to delete the connection.

Wait for your iTouch to disconnect and then reconnect.

Additional Tips:

UPDATED: Check out the first comment on this post that discusses DNS settings for getting your iTouch working using OpenDNS (and thanks a million to the person who posted it - you've helped thousands of readers get their iTouch connected!)

Here are a few other things to try (taken from Apple's support page):

  • Check the website for the manufacturer of your router/Wi-Fi access point to see if you have installed the latest firmware/software update for your router/Wi-Fi access point.
  • If you have more than 1 WEP key configured on your router/Wi-Fi access point, try deleting the other WEP keys and just have 1 WEP key configured on your router/Wi-Fi access point.
  • Try resetting your router.
  • Try turning OFF wireless security on the router/Wi-Fi access point such as encryption and enable your SSID to be broadcast to try and isolate the issue.
  • As a last resort, consider performing a factory restore/reset of your Wi-Fi access point.

So wat u hav to do is...

find a network
change IP adress
then u can connect anywher?

i'm uterly confuzed!

There have been some issues with the iphone/ipod-touch not working with older routers using wep encryption. Try turning of the encruption on your router and see if you can connect. If that works then you will either have to use wpa or get another router. wep works on newer routers...

K so i have a wireless router at my house and its on and it connects to my ipod for like 5 seconds and then disappears. if i use an insecure network then it does the same thing but only for 10 seconds. wat do i do?? my ipod was connecting b4 but now it's not.

I'm trying to set up my internet connection on my Ipod Touch. When asked for a password, what password am I suppose to use? I have a wireless router with Bellsouth. My laptop works fine with this.

ipod touch picks up the lenksys router but keeps asking for a password and when I put one in it does not work

ricky i just got a ipod touch i need help getting internet on there an i need to know where to get my password for the network help

i also just got an ipod touch and the password that i enter it does not recognize that so i am not able to get on the internet. how can i resolve this.thanks

i have an Eircom 2274NWG-EIR router and it picks up the signal and asks for the WEP key or password, all this is ok and there is a tick beside the connection.

When i press the small blue arrow it is set to 1. DHCP 2. IP Adress shows up ok 3. Subnet mask shows up also. [all of this came up automatically when i put in the password] but it is blank beside where it says router.

shouldn't that have come up with the rest ? how do i get this router number to show up ? it will not connect to safari or youtube without it.

also i have used the internet at a local hotspot that does not need a password ! is it my router that is the problem ? i hope i have given enough information here for you to help. thanks

FDor everyone that is asking for the passwords and stuff, it happened to me and funny enough i typed in admin and it worked. And i know that wasnt the password


when i try to connect to the internet with my ipod touch you need a password from the router. How do i find out what that password is?

to access my linksys router, you enter your ip adress in the adress bar of internet explorer or firefox etc. then when it asks for password and username they are both '
admin'. then go to wireless security bar and ur password shuld be there

i try to have conection to the internet but free
because my friend said that he has free internet
so i want to know how he said that he use the internet at the school
but i cant do it already try it
someone can help me with this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the ipod touch. It lets me connect to the internet, but when I try to connect to youtube or anything it keeps telling me that the search engine could not connect to it.

Can anyone help me?

Where do I put the encryption key in on my itouch so that my router will reconize it? I can't connect either

i have an i pod touch 1st generation..and its supposed to have wifi, but on my i pod where it says wifi in settings its says no wifi. and wont let me click on it or anything. is there anything i can do about this please help me. i would like it to work.

I have an iPod touch 2nd generation and I have a wireless wifi thing that is supposed to let you connect to the Internet wirelessly, but when I go to settings and click on wifi, the network won't show up and I don't know what to do!! The network works fine with my laptop, but the network won't appear on my iPod touch!! What should I do???

I have a IPod Touch 2nd generation and Im connected to my wireless internet at my house but when I go on Safari or youtube or anything it says: Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet. Can you help me?

well, for all those ppl who don't know what password to put in the networks, here's three that work like magic. "admin" "password" and "1234". these three always work, but I suggest the "admin" (I use that one).
and yes, thank you so much, the person who gave the long description. It worked perfectly when I changed the DNS ip address. i've been searching everywhere on the internet and no luck, until I came here :)

Please Help!! We have wireless access at home and also an Ipod Touch. Our Itouch works great when the wireless is unsecured and open. But when we secure the wireless we are unable to use the wifi with the Itouch. We have tried the settings, password, etc and it just doesn't work. Would someone please explain step by step to help us get this working with a secure wifi?

I have real funny problem - live in the country - wimax internet connection always live - 4 out of 5 bars signal strength all the time. Linksys wireless router always live - security shut off (connecting to an old computer with W98SE via wireless adapter). Heres the funny part - new computer (Vista64) connects, W98SE connects - even the WII connects, but ipod touch refuses to connect the internet. Pinged the ipod from router config -works fine and all IP address and static DNS match and echo back if you clear that network. Tried the - no luck. Even tried FULL reset and reload. No Luck. Ideas anyone?

Finally! Got the Internet to work! Did two things - on the ipod network settings, REPLACE any DNS with the router IP address. ((Second, optional if you did what I did) I denyed all adhoc network connections - may or may not have been an issue).

my internet was working fine and then i put it in sleep mode then i turned it back on and it wasnt working and i turned it off wat nota nd nothing works ): can you please email me or something cuz this is really annoying and my internet wonr work idk why :/ and its like it deleted my ip address what not and i cant re enter it

one suggestion that i have read seems to be confusing.
it says that you have to select DNS and then change the IP Address to some digits. but those two were individual buttons, right? so what am i really supposed to choose when some says that IP Address just won't let you select it but DNS do. if i chose DNS what shall i type in it after?
this case is annoying to me because i have to travel a long distance just to connect to it but it just spoils my yearning for a wireless connection eventually. I haven't used yet this feature ever since i got this device. thanks anyway

i tried looking for a long time what to do and nothing worked.

so i just unplugged my router for 2 mins and plugged back in.(while my ipod was off)

then i just turned ipod on and it worked :)

Hey there, I just got an Ipod Touch 8gb and I finally got the internet set up and working so I thought. There is a check mark and the wifi signal shows up. I am able to get on to my email and check my email under gmail, but I cannot get onto anything else. When I try to get onto safari, it says that the server cannot be found. What do I do so that I can actually get onto the internet, not just my email?

i got the new ipod touch 2g. I went on the internet quite a lot but all of a sudden it stopped workin. i took all ur advice but it still dosen;t work PLZ help! it's sooo boring without the internet

I was wondering does it cost ANY money to renew the lease and if I do renew the lease will i be able to connect to the internet for sure?

I just got an itouch i do not know how to connect my itouch to the internet that was the whole point on buying it. its driving me up the WALL! i swear. ive tried everything . Friends that owe one EVERythin but still nothin ! ugh.

I accidently erased my safari log in to wifi screen. Now whenever I go into safari it just says cannot access interenet. How can I sign in otherwise, or get that sign in screen back??

I got An I-touch 8G Yesterday and have been trying to connect to the internet ever since,
I have an eircom Broadband modem and typed the password underneath but it wont connect me,
Any Reccommendations???????

i used to have the same problem- full bar but no net connection!however when roaming around on my router settings, i found a quick and easy way to fix it. go onto the router page ( or other)then go wifi settings and click WPA the second one down. The ipod doesnt like WEP signal. However i have now lost connection on my laptop, does anyone know how to make the laptop accept the WPA?

The DNS thing cant work for some reason. Can someone help please?

I'm serious need some help now, my ITouch 2G with 3.1.2 firmware can't connect to the wifi internet. I tried to reset the internet settings and many methods but it is still not work!!
Is it because of the new firmware?? Can anyone help please?

The initial instructions on this page are good options including a hard reset. What I ran into is my network making appear as if I was connecting to my network but the password I was typing was actually incorrect. When I got the network password (as opposed to the system password?), it worked fine.

Thanks Mike! I added that clarification to the original instructions... that it's important to enter the wifi network password and not your computer's password.

I just solved my problem, after several hours of fretting I had an "Oh, duh" moment. It simply wouldn't automatically pull up the router information, it was giving me a wrong ip adress and subnet mask. You should pull up your information from your computer (look in the tcp/ip settings), go to wifi networks in the ipod, click the blue arrow next to your network, click 'Static', and then change the ip address to match your router, except change the last number. Then enter the subnet mask that your computer says, as well as enter the router's ip address and the dns server from your computer. This should work. I didn't have a problem until I updated the ipod software today... Don't know why it won't set on it's own.

Hope this helps somebody save a few hours of searching.

I don't know what's wrong with my new iTouch 3rd gen. 8gb, but it can only access the internet when connected to secure networks. whenever I use a free wifi, it just keeps saying no network connection and also something like "invalid argument". My sis has an older version of the iTouch and hers works fine with free wifi. what the heck? anyone got any ideas?

If you go to-

Wifi network
Click the blue arrow on your network
Click on static

you will be able to change the ip address

hey guys, I have a linkys router at my home, and I connect to the internet wirelessly no problem, but when I try to get on the internet or the itunes store or anything I get this message saying "cannot open itunes store"
invalid argument

can anybody give me any tips?

k, i connected fine on linky's (which i know is FREE, or basically needs no password). so it worked perfectly fine, then when i tried connecting at home.. it asked for my wep key, i put in the CORRECT key, & it was going great. then when i TRIED using the internet, it said "invalid argument" or some shit. I don't know what is wrong with my ipod but as far as i know, i AM NOT satisfied, BUT i do like the way it works.. i just wish the wi-fi crap would work. but other than that, itunes & all the bullshit works [x

My 3rd gen iPod only works on my home router if I take the WPA/PSK setting off which means no security. A WEP setting works but isn't very user friendly. I have tries typing the usual passphrase in but it doesn't work. Help!

Thanks so much for the free dns...i ttotally worked1 I ahd been connecting to my job's wifi network but for some reason could not connect all of a sudden. changed the dns as you explained and am now connected.

i recently acquired an ipod touch. it works great and it started to work great with the wifi. I was able to connect to my email accounts just fine but now i get this failed to conect to server message. Can you help. I tried the forget and reload to see if that would help and it didnt. I am able to get the emails at my moms just fine but not at home. I do have everything else working. Youtube, safari, maps and all internet programs.


i connected to my internet i typed the password and everything and it shows the IP Address and the Subnet Mask numbers. but the router number wont show and the Dns please help what do i do?

I got the Ipod touch for Christmas. I was happy with it until I tried to connect to the internet. First it took me 4 hours to figure out what the password was to my router, finally I thought my problems had been solved I had the WIFI signal which was strong but much to my horror I still couldn't connect. After trying for an additional 3 hours, I had read the manual on apple's website, different blogs etc. I was ready to give up, a last ditch effort I came across this forum. I changed the DNS address to , and just as others have posted I was immediately connected. Thanks a million.

This is ridiculous. I'm getting the exact same message over and over again, even though I KNOW the password I'm giving is the correct one ("unable to join the network Livebox-33D0, Dismiss"). I'm honestly at the end of my tether. I'm "this" close to throwing it off the wall. What's the problem? My Touch or my modem/router whatever? None of the above suggestions have worked. Could I please get a straight answer? Thanks for all levels of help.

hi everyone
i had connected my itouch to internet through ad hoc connection between hp laptop vista 32 bit for the first time .it worked fine. but the second time i connected it connects and does not go to net.
wifi bar shows up.pls help
thanks in advance.

I go to Settings Wi-Fi, Blue arrow, dns, but it doesn't let me change the IP adress..Please Help


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