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Can I recover my Facebook account and photos?

Dear Mr. Ricky: I had this whole long letter typed out about how I couldn't get into my facebook because i couldn't remember my fb email or my gmail.com Which is also my email. I recently changed the passwords to both just 2 or 3 nights ago because i was hacked, and now can't remeber either one.

I know it's a long shot becuase you probably get questions like this, "Can you help me recover such and such" all the time... but I had some really important pics on there. pics of my son when he was a chunky baby that I'll never get back. I'm begging you... please help me recover them! - Brad


Hi Brad. I hope we can get you back into your Facebook account so you can recover those priceless photos!

Have you tried using the account recovery option in Facebook?

It will ask you for either your email or your phone number:

If you select the email option then it'll send you a link that will let you reset your password, and if you choose the phone number option then it'll send you a code that you can enter to access your account.

Either of those options should do the trick for you.

Be sure to save the new password somewhere safe, like a LastPass account, which can also store passwords for everything else you use online or on your computer.

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